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Non-roster Invitees Announced


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2 hours ago, Redskins Rick said:

Wasn't Sisco there last year too?

He will be just one of the extra catchers to help pitchers toss to.

Sisco won't make the team, but that doesn't mean he won't be watched closely this spring.    I think he'll see a lot of game action.

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22 hours ago, Aristotelian said:

Three lefty OF's when we have Kim, Smith, and Tavarez. What am I missing?

Those three guys (Dickerson, Schafer, Washington) are just there for depth. None of them have any shot at making the team. But you need to have extra guys in camp to go on the road trips and soak up some innings.

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    • Lost in the cut play was that HJ got no help from Holliday who hesitated as if he had to cover the bag (he's not a 2b yet).   HJ made a poor throw but Holliday has to be in the correct position for the cut-not running and expecting the RF to pick him up.  Palmer thought they had a play at second but with Holliday hesitating and not lined up he would have to catch the ball then set and then throw against his momentum which isn't easy.  Not excusing the poor throw but the execution of the throw is a lot easier if the first cut in lined up correctly and not still moving.  
    • Grayson command (at least to me) is unusually poor for an elite starter.  He often gets away with it because his stuff is so darn nasty.  Even last night, Grayson got 14 swing and misses. all that being said, I do wonder if Grayson was tipping his pitches again (it was speculated in 1H23).  Because the Angels got such high EVs on a variety of different pitch types, and not just sitting on one specific pitch. 
    • That's what, second on the team?  😉
    • I like how you credit Elias and Company for developing Grayson but forget that Hall showed little progress under their development. I don't see how you can look at what they have accomplished with hitters and think, hey, let's also try and give them credit for a pitcher that Dan's team selected. Is what they've accomplished with hitters not enough to warrant a thread praising them? The post would be a lot stronger without trying to shoehorn in the pitcher.
    • 5 turns along Grayson sits 5th in 4-seam fastball velo among SP, lagging... Hunter Greene, 2019 TJ Jared Jones, a survivor like him, so far doing exciting things Jordan HIcks, 2019 TJ Dylan Cease, 2014 TJ Grayson got to 3000 game pitches in 2023; Jared Jones' 2022-2023 looks like 2050 and 2067 pitches according to Fangraphs.  
    • None of this equals having great command. He gave up 2 runs over 6 innings in his prior start vs Minnesota. Fits the qualifiers mentioned in your post - he did not have great command. 
    • Agreed.  It is the whole organization.  Hyde for me also does not get enough credit. But the first hire was the most important, Elias and the first person he hired was Sig.  I also think we will see a huge impact from the International Scouting Director in the next 2-3 years.  It is just unreal that if a baseball fan could pick any team today to be a fan of for the next 5-10 years they would almost have to pick the Orioles. 
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