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2B Platoon Mateo-Vavra

Pat Kelly

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Until Jackson Holiday is fully ready,  a Mateo-Vavra RH-LH platoon at 2B could work well.  Urias DFA’d to make room.  Like that Vavra is also an OBP /bat control player which on a limited basis could be useful as bench player.  Urias at this point is primarily here due to his defense at 3B. 



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Varva can’t play 2B effectively. I don’t know what is meant by “bat control”. Can you cite 5 MLB players who have that as a primary skill and use it effectively?

I understand what it meant years ago. But we are in the era of launch angle, swing decisions, and (now) speed to take extra bases. 

Those are the primary offensive skills that are required/needed. 

The reason that Varva is a AAAA player is because he can’t handle MLB velo. Go back and watch his ABs at this level. Pitchers just pitch him power stuff at the top of the zone and he can’t do anything with it.

But I agree Urias does suck. But Varva is even worse.

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6 minutes ago, Orioles Jim said:

The ability to hit a sac fly last night when we had the bases juiced with no outs.

I have serious doubts that Varva would have been able to provide the requisite launch angle to do that given his in ability to handle Major League velo up in the zone. 

Did you watch the majority of his MLB ABs? Pitchers consistently attack him at this level up in the zone because he offers no power threat whatsoever. And I'm not just talking about home runs, I'm talking about exit velo/the ability to drive/hit a baseball hard.

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