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Tejada deal up to Angelos


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This will be my last post before the deadline as I won't be able to contact my guy the next several days. As of early this evening all signs pointed to Tejada heading to the Angels before the deadline. The front office wants the deal but Big Pete will have to sign off on it. He said we are asking for 4 players in return (2 prospects and 2 players on their 25 man roster). Other players may well go to LA. The front office knows this is a risky move but it's one that will set us up better for the offseason. He said Santana and Wood were 2 of the players we were asking for. Rosenthal has reported Aybar instead of Wood which may be due us asking for more players. The front office knows this move will be met with mixed reactions but they feel we'll be a better team and frees up Tejada's salary to pursue a big banger in the off season. Conine may also be heading to LA in the deal.

Other deals he's hearing are Hawkins to the Rockies and RLo to the Mets.

Believe it or not teams are still calling for these guys. He said the next couple days will active. That will be all from me. Maybe Belkast of Harv can bring us home the next couple days

Discalimer: This is coming from a message board poster posing as a Sesame

Street character so read into this as little or as much as you want. If any of this information does not materialize I ask forgiveness under Section 2 Article 16 of the NABMBP (National Assn. of Baseball Message Board Posters).

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Santana and Wood...AND OTHER PLAYERS?!?!? This would transform the team, and if truly means money spent to add in the offseason we'd be set up real good for next year and beyond.

Thanks a bunch bigbird. If Belkast and the others are out there to add their 2 cents to this, it would be much appreciated.

Oh, bigbird, Im not sure if you're still around to answer questions, but when you say PA still needs to sign off on it, are you hearing that he's willing to, or they're not sure if he will. That's a HUGE obstacle. If this deal dies because of PA, I dont know what I'll do.

Thanks again.

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Man if we get Santana & Wood & Other players & get rid of Conine....my head might explode from giddiness.

If you take into account the money coming off the books this could be the best trade in orioles history.

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The front office knows this move will be met with mixed reactions but they feel we'll be a better team and frees up Tejada's salary to pursue a big banger in the off season.

Hmm so instead of building around Tejada, they want to trade him for prospects and use his $ to sign Lee or Soriano or take on salary like a Bobby Abreu deal. Abreu would make sense to keep Mora happy after Tejada is gone.

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    • Just one add on IP.  Just looked, Kirby only pitched 67 innings last season, over 15 starts.  Seems likely limited, he missed a month due to a shoulder injury in 2021?  I'd see this as a similar use case as GRod.  He's at 152 IP this year.
    • Sorry, Denoyer wasn't part of that 5, but in my mind he was. The top 4, plus Denoyer and Mav is what I meant
    • He pitched 103 last year.  So an ideal season would have him at 125-140 this year.  Understand he didn't get there, but wouldn't you like to try to get 150 out of him next year so he's still there for stretch run/postseason assuming that's needed?  How do you make that feasible?
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    • This is a huge winter for Mateo.  he should have confidence enough to put in the work to get better for next year.  The Orioles gave him a chance.  He took it.   Now put in the work Mr. Mateo.
    • Well, if you miss on 4th down, you assume they get it at the 2.  The idea that they got it on the 20 changes everything. I don’t mind the decision, after reading more and hearing more explanations.  I still think he should have taken the points but ultimately, I think at best they go into OT if they took the points and more than likely lose in regular time.
    • I mean, I can see being upset that they didn’t play well and blew the playoff chance.  I just don’t get why it matters that it was to division teams.  I’m more upset that they lost to Detroit and Oakland, teams that were far inferior.
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