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    • Santander should be on the block, but only as part of a deal that brings an impact starting pitcher or left-handed hitting 1B back.
    • Seattle > Cleveland > Tampa > Houston > Toronto > New York Unfortunately, Houston/Toronto/NY definitely look like the three best teams.  Any of Seattle/Cleveland/Tampa would be cool. Seattle and Tampa have 0 WS wins and Cleveland has the longest active WS title drought. Seattle in particular has a tough road though, likely having to get through all three of Toronto, then Houston, then NY to get there. That's not quite as difficult a road as San Diego's likely path (Mets, Dodgers, Braves) but yikes. 
    • I agree with everything you are saying here but that last statement. While it could be true, I know when I played, and grant it this what not at a professional level, I know my focus was always extra sharp in key situations or close in games late. Now, perhaps that evens out as a professional in thousands of PAs, but I do think they bare down in crutial situations more.  Now, does that mean they are all better in these situations, no? I'm sure the pitcher is baring down as well in these situations, but as you pointed out, the pitcher probably feels more pressure with the runners in scoring position then the hitter does with one out or less.
    • Clutch hitting does exist but: a) The impact is very small b) So small that a league average clutch hitter is almost never preferable to a little better non-clutch hitter c) All the stuff Frobby said in his post replying to you d) All the stuff in btdart20's post following up on his e) Tthe distribution of clutch hitting across the population of MLB hitters is indistinguishable from a random distribution centered on overall production - so it's almost impossible to tell clutch from noise in the data.  In other words, Eddie was great in the clutch but in a universe with no clutch hitters at all there would still be players with Eddie's observed performance in the clutch just from random variation. f) You have no idea whatsoever how Westburg will perform in high leverage or RISP situations, aside from his overall equivalent production based on his minor league numbers g) This past year Westburg's performance with two outs and RISP in the minors was very similar to his overall numbers. Actually just a tad better, which is exactly what you'd expect if he had no special skills, like essentially everyone else.
    • I’d rather not trade Santander unless we’re getting a fat return on him as he was, bar none, the only power bat we had in our lineup all year. If he played for another team he’s the exact kind of guy we’d be targeting to acquire in a trade. Nine months from now if he’s superfluous then deal him at the deadline. But going into 2023 I want him penciled in to the 3rd or 4th spot in the order from day one. 
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