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    • I guess I'm just being nitpicky again because, to me, a seasons worth of at bats over five years isn't numerous chances with everyday play. I'm fine with moving on but he didn't get a multiple chances to just go out there every day thrive or struggle. And if you aren't trying to win games for years on end you should be doing that.
    • I can definitely make a case. The past two years, he had several extended chances where he played pretty much everyday, especially when Santander and Hays were injured. He showed no signs of improvement. Slow bat, and he has lost whatever moderate speed he once had. Mediocre fastballs mystified him.  In 2021, he started 65 games in the OF, and 12 at DH. .204/.324.374/.698 with 89 K’s in 318 plate appearances. He had the one 10 day period in 2020, where he hit 7 HR’s like Babe Ruth. That really skews his career stats.  Hyde stopped playing him, because he is awful. They were patient with him. They gave him every chance. He failed. He was not claimed by the other 29 teams. He is currently emergency insurance for OF. As you said, in five years, he had his shot. If he had been better, he would have gotten more opportunities earlier. 
    • I believe this week's 3B games for Westburg are his first in AAA after a few weeks. Gunnar SS-SS-3B-3B-SS-3B Westburg 2B-3B-SS-SS-3B-SS  
    • So, the Orioles claimed this 23 year old switch hitter, who has a very good defensive rep. A week ago. Because he got sent down by Boston before they waived him, he had to be down in AAA for a total of 10 days before he could come up, according to Kevin Brown in today’s broadcast. After a few games now, I have seen him play 2B and 3B, and I have only seen him bat LH. I have to say that I have been impressed with his hands at 2B and 3B. His range and his arm seem to also be very good. A very smooth defender, he made some difficult plays at 3B today, and he made them look easy. The LH stroke is short to the ball with good barrel control. Has a little pop, dropped the barrel today on a Cease slider for a HR to RF. He has hit several line drives in his brief time.  Its early, but I like what I have seen, so far. 
    • Saw the Orioles at Tampa last year, first time seeing them as the visitors. I was prepared to hate The Trop, but was pleasantly surprised. It was an afternoon game where the outside temp was 96 degrees with 90% humidity, but inside it was very comfortable. No worries about sunburn or heat related issues, or if there was rain on the horizon that might delay or cancel the game. Rays' fans and the ushers were supportive, friendly and talkative, even after they beat us in a walk off. During the game I had no problem with visibility or following the ball in flight. It looks dark on television, but I guess your eyes adjust because it all just seemed normal (like a night game, I suppose) once play started. We'll be going back to the Trop in August for a weekend series, and hopefully we can take 'em this time.  I've seen a handful of games at Comerica Park over the years, and pretty much hate the place. The seating (especially in the mezzanine and upper deck) is so far from the field you may as well be in the parking lot. Maybe it's the distances involved, or the backdrops, but when I've seen games there I always have a problem following the ball in flight. I see the pitch, hear the crack of the bat, and then the ball is invisible to me until a fielder gloves it. I wind up having to watch the fielders react so as to tell where the ball is going, and it's very frustrating. Never had that problem at any other major or minor league park.  One odd side not wrt Comerica Park -- last time we went there our driver (who is elderly and infirm) was able to park our SUV in a handicapped spot fifty feet from the stadium's front gate. As she turned off the engine a police officer stepped up to her window and ordered everybody to stay in the car. He and a colleague then walked around the vehicle while searching the undercarriage with mirrors on long poles. When they were finished they instructed all of us to exit, after which they searched the inside of the car. When they were done we were allowed to lock the car and enter the stadium. 
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