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    • Yea I've been to two games this season, the win on Sunday (awesome game) and a loss a couple weeks back. During the first game the mask requirement was very strict. They had people walking around telling you to mask up in your seats if you weren't eating or drinking. This Sunday no one seemed to care. Some people had them on, some didn't, but I didn't see any ushers telling people to put them on in their seats. I suppose with the new CDC guidelines they may have opted for a more "we recommend it but don't require it" approach. I'm fully vaccinated and still wore my mask when walking around the stadium, but I was happy to take it off for the entire time I was in my seat this time around.   And I think one thing we can all agree on, Nats Park kinda sucks. Hope you have fun though, @RVAOsFan!
    • Was hoping this would happen by the end of the year. Hopefully he keeps up his hot start. If neither he nor Kjerstad drop off (certainly no sure thing), we could have 6 top 100 guys in the off-season lists (adding the 2021 #5 pick). Kjerstad seems more likely to drop off than Henderson in my opinion, I can't imagine they go far enough underslot for the #5 pick to not crack the top 100. Less than a 5 percent chance that Adley graduates and a 1 percent chance that DL Hall graduates in my opinion.
    • I’m still expecting offensive improvement over the remainder of the season but I must admit that the offense is worse than I thought it would be.     Mullins is far exceeding expectations but no one else is and a lot of players are below expectations.  Getting Santander back will be helpful, if he can start hitting and Mountcastle returning to form would be a huge boost. Just gotta wonder if we see improvement from C, 3rd and 2nd and if/when Mullins declines, how far is the drop?
    • Well, like I said, someone can go to Bowie. Between Henderson, Ortiz or Westburg, we can have someone in AA.  You can argue that either or all of them could be there imo. But generally speaking, you are correct. To me, it’s more important for Henderson and Westburg to play as much at SS as they can.  We need to figure out if those guys can stay there.  You should have some very solid idea by the end of the year...and perhaps, they already know but just in case you they don’t, you should be using this year to be sure. You know guys like Ortiz and Servideo can play SS, at least from the info we have heard.  If they have to play second base or the OF some this year while you figure out Henderson and Westburg, so be it.
    • My mental image of the 1960s is that it was a lot of low scoring pitchers duels with a lot of little shortstops bunting and stealing bases.  But the stealing bases part is all wrong.  In 1966 the Orioles had the best offense in the league and stole 55 bases all year, caught 41 times. The only teams to steal 100 bases were the White Sox and A's, and both of them were within 0.02 runs of being the worst offenses in the AL. In '66 the average AL team stole four fewer bases than the average AL team in 2019. In 1964 the Orioles were 4th in the majors in steals, but Luis Aparicio was the only player on the team with more than four.  Luis led the AL in steals nine straight years, but those included totals of 21, 28, 29, 31, and 40.
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