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    • Well this isn’t accurate and you aren’t talking about several others who have done well like Pablo Lopez or Brian Anderson.  There was and always is many different ways to build a team.   I made several different mentions of ways to do it and you are focused on a JJ Hardy like SS as if that proves some point.     How about all the misses from the actual GM over the years?  Are you making posts after posts about that?
    • Never said I was always right but I am right a lot and guess what, now all of you are starting to see what I did…that this team can contend in 2023.  Most posters on here laughed at that.  Most felt you can’t bring up guys yet because we are too far away. That is, was and always has been bs.  If they had added talent to this team, we would really be looking at something. I kept saying, adding talent a year too early is not a bad thing.  The pushback I got was that we were 2+ years away. Ironically, for all the stuff I get from most of you and how I’m negative, I’m one of the few that felt contention was far closer than most thought.  It was always going to be about the commitment of ownership to put the team over the top.  
    • Bullpen has been very good, but it's reaching a breaking point due to the starting pitching not going deep into games.  
    • No, being dense is acting like talent doesn’t rise to the top.  Talent always gets playing time.  Every single team battles with this.  This is the thing you and so many others don’t seem to understand. There is nothing unique about this idea just because the team is rebuilding. The best teams in baseball play unproven talent.  The best teams find a way for young unproven talent to get at bats even if they have vets there.  It always happens and it happens every year..acting like you can’t have both is both wrong and naive.
    • They will break, just look at Tampa, most of their pen from the last couple of years are on the IL. Got to find a way to get starters to go seven innings.
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