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    • Mullis is the best player on the team and right now he's one of the best players in the MLB. Since Mullins is under team control through 2025, he would be very expensive. The Orioles are going to need to complete the roster with some FA/Trade additions. Its nearly impossible to fill a competitive roster with draft picks, as you would have to hit at an incredibly high rate. Most Chris Davis's contract comes off the books after next year so if the Orioles truly want to be competitive, they'll need to work on signing the right guys in FA and making sure they lock up their home grown talent. 
    • That fans want to just trade away Mancini, Means and Santander is not the path to contention that I want to see.  Adding Adley, Grayson and DL next year is a big step forward.  Means , Grayson and DL plus two of the other 10 starters that will be in the organization to fill out the rotation spots is  a competitive move. Adley, Mancini, Mullins, Mountcastle, Hays, Santander add to a competitive team.   Vavra, Grenier, Dorrian are young players that may need to get a chance to improve the infield if they continue to impressive the rest of the season.   I think Elias' off season objective should be to field a winning and maybe a contending team in 2022.  He has enough improving players to build around.  Add the FAs needed to make this happen.  Mancini has shown that he is a important part of the offense and extending him a couple of years should make the O's into a winning team sooner. I do not like Hyde/Elias continuing to play Hays and Santander hurt.  I think they are good players when healthy.  They have Stewart, McKenna, Jones with  Diaz, Rizer, Turchin, all coming soon to bolster the outfield when injuries occur. As I have said the O's need to not waste the Adley, Grayson and DL years.  2022 can be a winning year if that is what Elias wants to do.  Its time to start winning.
    • Giving up high draft picks to bring Ubaldo Jimenez and Yovani Gallardo to the bandboxes of the AL East were 2 of DD's dumbest moves. I hated it then and was shouted down by people spamming "UBALDOMORE" over and over again like that somehow negated the fact that he had basically only had 1 good half season in the like 3 years prior to us sacrificing a pick to sign him. Ugh. Still mad about it lol.
    • If Jannis gets called up, I'm expecting Severino to come out with a catcher's mitt that looks like this one. 
    • Can you imagine the circus that will happen with Severino catching a knuckleballer?  At times he can barely catch a straight fastball, much less a pitch that no one knows where it is going to go.  It'll be a comedy of errors, with the hardest part determining if they should be considered passed balls or wild pitches!  
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