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Is there any truth to this? (Aroid trade rumors)


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I hope no trade happens. The Yankees need to be punished for largesse.

I would have no problem if it wasn't for the fact that the Yankees would be getting Luxury Tax relief despite paying off the majority of the contract. The Yankees are more then able to add 20 million a year in payroll if it doesn't show up on their books.

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According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Alex Rodriguez has told friends he wouldn't block a trade.

A-Rod's massive contract with the Yankees includes a full no-trade clause, so he holds veto power over deals GM Brian Cashman might try to orchestrate this winter. Reports indicate that the Marlins are already expressing interest, though talks can't get serious until after the World Series. A-Rod is owed $114 million over the next five years. The Yanks would have to eat most of that.

Source: USA Today Oct 18 - 12:37 PM

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    • Yea, I don’t feel he has a high floor. His floor is DFA by June. That’s very possible although I would agree I don’t think it’s likely. To be clear, I’m more than happy to have him on the team in 2024. He has been excellent this year. I’m just saying a fall off shouldn’t be seen as improbable and his standing on the team shouldn’t effect how they view Hall’s role.
    • One more thing.  In the video Bauer says he never committed any act of violence towards this woman or anyone else.  If that is true, he should have been flummoxed when he was accused by her of bruising her.  Instead, he says he "feels bad that it happened."  There seems to be more to all of this than what we are seeing.     
    • Depending on how many teams exceeded the salary ceiling, the Orioles could be picking a couple picks higher than expected.
    • Having the game at 4:00 on Saturday is going to be a disaster down there.
    • You may have been over this before.  But I don't remember 100% of what someone else posts.  Anyway, thanks for humoring me. I don't think we're far off actually.  Especially regarding Hall not being blocked by Coulombe.  I do agree that the sample size is small enough to add a lot of variation.  I suppose the difference is that I believe there's more stability than you do (i.e. a higher floor).  You hint at the reason why with "It's the Wall" wrt his HR rate.  The CB is the key to the chase% and swingstr%.  
    • All of this, plus everyone claims this video completely exonerates Bauer.  The video that he shows would seem to exonerate him if it really is right after supposedly the violence occurred. But it isn't like she didn't have pictures of the supposed damage that he had done.  They can be found here.  Photos, new text messages revealed in Trevor Bauer assault accusations (nypost.com)  So, there seems to be a contradiction.  I guess it's possible she did it to herself or had someone else do it to her but it seems odd that she would do so and then not delete the video from her phone.  Now perhaps, she deleted it but it was recovered.  Anyhow, we are depending upon the accuracy of Bauer to describe when the video was from.   I will also reiterate, I don't know why Bauer was willing to settle.  He is trying to clear his name.  He has a civil suit against her.  He says the evidence is overwhelming in his favor.  Why not file a motion for summary judgment and see if you prevail if the evidence is so overwhelming?  Ok, maybe he thinks there will still be a material factual dispute, if you are so convinced that it's obvious that she made this up why not have the trial?  Really go and clear your name.  Have a jury decide that she had lied.   Ok, well maybe he doesn't want to pay the money to go to trial.  Then if you have the goods on her as part of the settlement insist that she apologize for slandering him.  Or maybe insist on some sort of small monetary payment to acknowledge her claims were false.  He got none of that.  He supposedly has overwhelming evidence but all he got was her dropping her case and in exchange he drops his.  He had all of the leverage here and seems to have gotten basically nothing given that his claims that her claims were provably specious.  Maybe he just has bad lawyers, but if you have someone as much over a barrel as this video would indicate, it sure doesn't make much sense to me to drop your meritorious claim in exchange for her dropping her unmeritorious claim.  Doesn't seem like he got much. I am not saying there isn't a ton of shadiness here.  There appears to be.  But Bauer himself is a bit manipulative and shady as well.  I would be careful believing that everything is exactly as he lays it out in the video.  Many on here seem to be treating the video he made as the gospel.  
    • Can't believe this thread isn't locked, but since it's not: I dragged Bauer when he was discussed on here six months ago. As many have stated, even if the SD incident was a setup, the other accusations and overall locker room behavior, plus the lack of support from prior teammates, were all red flags. Still, I believed the SD incident was probably non-consensual and he's presented compelling evidence that it was instead a cash grab. I don't think we can verify the dates/time/context of the texts and videos he's showing, but assuming he's not blatantly lying right now, it is a good reminder to let the process fully play out. Unfortunately it's human nature to want to see your instincts confirmed (he's an abusive POS/the "media" is out to get all men), I'm as guilty of that as anyone.  "Innocent until proven guilty" is not a standard fans, organizations, or even the media are obligated to follow. People form judgements based on incomplete information all the time. Guilty people are often not proven guilty in a court of law; that doesn't mean I have to allow them into my or my family's life if I don't think they're safe. The MLB and respective teams can make the same call. Also, many of the people demanding "innocent until proven guilty" in this thread are expressing significant judgements on reporters, organizations, players, political/social/religious groups, all with very limited information themselves. 
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