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Does anyone believe the payroll with be $100 million?


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I doubt it. They are running out of options, and none of the pitchers seem to want to come here anyway. Might as well just sign Morales AND Cruz and focus on scoring as many runs as possible.

Fixed that for you...

I'm actually hoping (and assuming) the O's are done at this time. Jimenez might be a big payoff. But he's such a gamble I don't feel good about it (also rumored to be a poor locker room presence when here in CO). I can't sanction any attempt to sign Santana, Cruz or Morales at this point. I've resigned myself to another season where the O's probably come in around 80-84 wins, 88-90 if everyone plays over their heads' and we have another great record in one-run games...

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If they don't sign AJ then I don't want 100 million payroll to start the season. Barring of course some out of the blue trade where they take on payroll. Not much left worth paying for.

This is kind of where I am. Still mulling Jiminez and Santana but not too happy about the draft pick.

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