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Game 2, April 2nd Cabrera's First 2008 Start


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Lineup, per Roch:

Brian Roberts - 2B

Melvin Mora - 3B

Nick Markakis - RF

Kevin Millar - 1B

Aubrey Huff - DH

Luke Scott - LF

Ramon Hernandez - C

Adam Jones - CF

Luis Hernandez - SS

Daniel Cabrera - P

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I finally get to see the Boys. I missed out on Opening day and my pops ruined it for me (I dvr'd it) before I had a chance to watch it...

In a fit of rage, I erased it because we didn't play well and on Tuesday I was upset that I erased it because I wanted to watch it... :(

Oh well, got a bunch of games in a row now!!!! :)

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Matt Garza's <a href="http://baseball.bornbybits.com/plots/Matt_Garza.html">pitch profile</a> from 2007.

Garza primarily works with his mid-90s 4-seam fastball and mid-80s slider that tails away from right-handed hitters.

He also mixes in a slower traditional curve, especially against lefties, and will throw a change in any count to keep hitters from cheating on his fastball.

Garza has relatively good control for a young pitcher, and is a slight fly-ball pitcher.

He has a similar repertoire/profile to <a href="http://baseball.bornbybits.com/plots/Jeremy_Guthrie.html">Jeremy Guthrie</a>.

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This will be my first OH game thread(had to work Monday) and I guarantee to bring a victory. I love how DirecTV gives a free MLB Extra Innings preview the first week of the year. It really is a tight package.
Oh sweet, thanks. I'll definitely watch it on the TV then. I have the MLB.tv package, but whatever.
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