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How can your major job to report on O's baseball....


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And still not understand the basics?

Mike Bordick is not aware that Kevin Gausman is out of options.  He says sending him down may be a possibility  What?



Starting pitcher Kevin Gausman, the team's first selection in the 2012 MLB Amateur Draft, has struggled mightily this season, with a 6.49 ERA in 14 starts. Bordick suggested the Orioles send Gausman down to the minors and replace him in the rotation with Ubaldo Jimenez.
"I don't think it would bother anybody if he went down and started working on both retooling his delivery and, more importantly, trying to get his confidence back," Bordick said.




Roch thinks Schoop in not arbitration eligible.   Sorry Roch is has over 3 years of service which means he was arbitration eligible last off season.


I’m not sure why Schoop’s name is suggested. He isn’t even arbitration eligible and he’s getting better.



I listen and read these guys for new information about the O's.  When I read stuff like this I just shake my head and wonder how they can be this close to the O's organization and not understand what is going on.

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26 minutes ago, Aglets said:

If you demand perfection of everyone the one thing you can be guaranteed of is that you'll be disappointed.

It's their job.  Fans rely on them to get it right.  They are the sources of O's information.  When they get it wrong they spread misinformation.

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1 minute ago, wildcard said:

Gausman had a fourth option last year.  He is passed that now.

Now it doesn't bother me that Bordick doesn't know that.

Roch however should have known about Schoop.

People that masquerade as reporters should be held to a higher standard than ex-players that do TV.

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There's a big difference between expressing (or just having) an opinion that you (or I) might agree with, like how much it's worth to have Chris Davis around for a long term, and making statements that get basic facts wrong, like whether an important player -- yeah, that includes Gausman -- has an option or is eligible for arbitration. I don't expect someone whose livelihood involves talking about the Orioles to make many errors of the second sort, and ought to provide access in a way that enables fans to tell them they're wrong and, if they are, they should own up to those errors and correct them. 

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16 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

You consider Bordick to be a reporter?

Yep.   He bought into that when he took the job. Reporter, or Announcer.  They need to have their facts right. Opinions are one thing but they should be based on facts.   If they are representing the O's or MASN  they have a responsibility to spread information that is factual.

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    • I’ll always remember that Portland team that didn’t really have any stars besides Walton but played so great as a team and beat the Sixers for the NBA title. I always enjoyed his commentary as a broadcaster.
    • He was distressed that he was buried in AAA and wasn’t mentally locked in like he should have been.  Maybe he was anxious.  Maybe he was distressed.  Maybe he just didn’t feel appreciated and wondered if it all was worth it. Once he got to the majors he got a new attitude.  I have no idea if this is true, but players are human and their emotions affect their abilities.  Admittedly, we have never heard anything from Stowers but Norby has been quite clear about his situation feeling hopeless.  I don’t know why it would be a stretch for you to believe that would affect performance.  These guys are not automatons. 
    • It’s a good question. He might sign in the 2025 pool. Players can be posted from Nov 1 to Dec 15, after which there is a 45-day posting window.  Chiba gets 25% of bonus as posting fee.  It’s believed that Sasaki has a contractual provision that allows him to get posted this year, though Chiba likely controls the date he is posted.  The current international signing period ends Dec 15 and the next one starts Jan 15.  Thus it would make sense for him to be posted either Nov 1 (for this year’s signing period) or Dec 15 (for next year’s signing period).   It would be logical to wait for next year’s signing period when more unused bonus pool will be available.  The one wrinkle there is that much of next year’s pool will have been verbally committed to top prospects - not to say a team wouldn’t renege on their commitments to sign Sasaki. Additionally, the Dodger’s only have $5 million next year and might be able to increase their pool in the current period to close to that with trades. The biggest reason why I think he might sign this period is that I don’t think the Dodger’s would have saved $3 million if they didn’t think there was a good chance that he would sign in the current period.
    • I hear where you're coming from (partly tongue in cheek) but I do think Stowers is different in the fan mind than his peers in the Norfolk pipeline--being older and already having multiple chances to prove himself or not. That said, his longtime supporters will be clamoring for what you describe, while his longtime skeptics (myself included) will keep being skeptical.  Today, we're all happy for him!
    • I'm not even sure what hyperbole is, but Stowers is leading the team in batting average at .375 😉 Lets see what he has now. Everyday, vs righties and lefties.   
    • Not enough guys with options.
    • I certainly understand the thinking that you leave him in with an 11 run lead, but in my 60+ years of watching baseball, I've seen a lot of strange things. You have a nearly guaranteed win in front of you; don't let it get away. There's no reason to let it get close. Remind me again why we let Baumann go. 
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