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vs. TIGERS, 4/17


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8 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

I agree, it's a dumbass organization.

What are the chances my two teams that I root for, Redskins and Orioles...and if I'm counting the NBA, the Wizards...are just the dumbest $#!%ing franchises in their respective sports.

The Wizards intentionally lost their last game in order to play against a Raptors team they gave had success against in the past.  

They are now down 2-0, when the other option was facing a Celtics team minus Kyrie.  

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20 minutes ago, Oriol3s said:

While Davis has fallen off more than anyone predicted, signing a one-position guy who is an all-or-nothing hitter was risky at the time of the signing.  Forward-thinking isn't just thinking about the future, but doing so in a comprehensive way that takes ALL possibilities into account.  The Orioles SEEM to assume that all their players will have career years the next season, which is why they keep everyone.  It kind of worked in 2012 and 2014.

My comment was semi tongue-in-cheek.  I think the real issue here is PA's antiquated desire to keep a recognizable team on the field coupled with Buck's penchant for guys he can control without too much effort.  That being said, I also agree with your point.

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Just now, Moose Milligan said:

Yeah, but hockey.  

I strongly, STRONGLY, recommend sports that were probably dreamed up by drunken Englishmen 15 minutes before closing time.  Shinty, bog snorkling, hurling ....there are at least a dozen out there.  Much more entertainment in the near term, much LESS heartbreak in the long run.

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18 minutes ago, 25 Nuggets said:

Did you actually watch all those losses piled up by the team?  If so, how entertaining was it?

No, but I knew and understood that in the long run it was necessary. I would have absolutely no problem embracing the tank for the Orioles. 

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19 minutes ago, spiritof66 said:

You won't now, but you might if he plays a little better and a contending team has some injuries.

I ONLY see Jones getting traded if a team had an injury, AND the Orioles moved Jones to RF before trading him.  No playoff contender would willingly trade for him to play CF.

And yes, even if they did make this trade, they'd have to pay most of his salary to get anybody with potential in return.  Probably s low level minor-leaguer or two (which is better than NOTHING).

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