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I'm going to a bunch of games to celebrate the rebuild! Who's with me??


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I've started saving up money (by cutting down on other discretionary spending) to go to a bunch of games in August, and especially September. I want to do my small part in supporting the O's with some ticket sales to support my optimism about the future of the franchise, now that the Old Man is out (at least as far as we can tell) and John Angelos and DD are flooring it on a rebuild, pedal to the metal.

Not only that, but I also really enjoy seeing an early look at our future superstars who might, in less than 5 years, get us to the postseason again. So I will head down to Bowie once or twice more as well.

My current plan is to get decent (but not great) seats at OPACY for around 3 games in August and at least 5 in September, once this monsoon season ends (hopefully soon!). I really want to see the September call-ups play in MLB. Bowie is usually empty so you can get first row seats if you like, so I'll probably do that too.

So who's with me? Who's going to support the O's and give them a noticeable bump in attendance for the last two months of a generally awful year, in recognition of the fact that we appreciate the gears finally turning on a rebuild that had to be done? Not to mention that the trades so far have been solid, and it looks like Dan isn't even done yet.

Win or lose doesn't really matter - I'll give them my money because I'm buying into their plan for the future. I mean, it might not be the most original and most innovative plan ever hatched, but it's a plan -- something I'm pretty sure very few people believed the organization had before the ASG.

It's also generally a nice social outing and the food is indulgent -- so even if they lose, I'm having fun when I go to the ballpark. I've missed it a lot this year since I've only gone to one game (which they won, amazingly).

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My son and I are driving down for our annual  Bmore weekend for this Sat and Sun (in two days).  Haven't purchased tix yet, but good prices online.  Please PM me if anyone is going and wants to meet up at game.  Frobby, would love to get together again if you are up for it nothing you are going to Friday's game.  Get you Mancini bobblehead or Os Garden Gnome!

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