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Wolf to the Astros?

Migrant Redbird

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Astros acquire Wolf in trade with Padres

As one Cards fan put it. BOTB

Unless I'm missing something here, the Astros appear to have officially lost their collective minds.

They already mortgaged much of their (limited) young talent base this past off-season. Now, 12 games out of lead (and 10 out of the wild card) in late July - they are trading even a limited-potential minor league pitcher for a rent-a-starter. Can you say, "we can't accept reality".

I realize that they made late runs in '04 and '05, but there is no way that they are passing two of the three of the Cards/Cubs/Brewers.

Unless I am missing something here - wow. Just wow.

It's difficult to see how Wolf could make enough difference on a thin Astros pitching staff for them to pass two teams for the wild card. The Cardinals are certainly vulnerable, but I think the Brewers and Cubs will pull away down the stretch when they're not beating up on each other. The Cards have been extremely fortunate to remain in the mix and they need both Wainwright and Carpenter back quickly to have much chance of sticking with the Cubs and Brewers.

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The Astros are boned. That's all there is to it. It's going to take a lot of time or a whole lot of money and luck for them to get back in contention in the next decade. It would be very, very wise of them to sell Berkman, Tejada and Lee in the offseason. Or immediately.

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as bad as it looks, I can see why the Astros would have done this. For exactly the same reasons the O's should have thought about the same move. You gotta be able to throw someone out there who can go 5 innings. The Astros didn't give up anything for Wolf.

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    • Jon Heyman of the New York Post reports that the O’s have been in contact with each of Josh Hader, Jordan Hicks, Craig Kimbrel and Aroldis Chapman. All four hurlers fit the general profile of a late-inning arm, although they’re clearly in different tiers of free agency. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2023/11/orioles-have-shown-interest-in-josh-hader-jordan-hicks.html He thinks Milwaukee will not move Burnes, he also confirmed that the Orioles wanted Cease at the deadline and they are the best match for him.
    • If Mateo or Urias can improve our #5 rotation spot, sure.  Matz could be a fit if we see a path to improvement.  And if he has any options left. But a trade for a #5 doesn’t scratch the itch. I tend to think Urias/Mateo will bring a low level lottery.  Or they are part of a package.
    • The O's go into ST with Wells, Hall, Irvin and whoever they acquire competing for the 5th starter position.   Wells is going to be the best coming out of ST in all probability. Hall in high leverage spot in the pen.  Irvin in long relief.
    • Generous? You are aware that multiple players have hit the 10M mark as an Arb 1 right?  
    • Its a low risk scenario, so we may grab someone to get a look at them in spring training, but I don't expect the Orioles to keep anyone on the roster. There just isn't space.  The bullpen may have a spot or two open, but several arms are lacking options and a Rule-5 guy wouldn't be able to be sent down. Elias (and most teams) like to have at least a spot or two that can be used to shuttle guys up and down in case of overwork. I don't see a guy worth taking a spot like that on a team that just won 101 games. 
    • Why not try and snag an arm in the rule 5?  Not glamorous enough?  What relievers are drafted/signed and turned to relievers before AA/AAA ball?  Ben Joyce?  So everyone is a failed SP. Either because of injury or performance. So why not take a flier on an arm when upper level pitching depth is a weakness of our org? We might never guess the player, but I think we can see that RH P is a need for us at the top of the system. The Yankees have a nasty bullpen. If they’ve been delaying converting a SP to a reliever then we should be all over that. That’s not being poor. That’s being smart, but we are poor. 
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