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Please can we trade for LaRoche...


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"The Dodgers, determined to avoid playing Andy LaRoche at all costs, acquired Casey Blake from Cleveland for two prospects."

"The Los Angeles Times on Saturday reported that the Dodgers are shopping LaRoche for relief pitching or middle infield help. That's as good a buy-low opportunity as you'll find, and teams with shortstop options or middle relievers to spare should be calling the Dodgers as we speak."

-- Keith Law

"The Dodgers might not be done dealing. They remain in search of reinforcements in the middle of the infield and the back of the bullpen, and baseball sources indicate that they've been shopping LaRoche."

-- LA Times

If there is a god, we'll make a move for this kid.

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Ouch! Please try again.

Why? This would be an amazing deal for us.

Sherrill to the Dodgers for LaRoche and another prospect, whether it be one of the SS or a guy like McDonald would be great too.

This is so simple that it really needs to happen. No excuse for AM not to get this done.

But i will ask this again...Is LaRoche on our radar? Would AM target him knowing that means MelMo goes to the bench?

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Matt Kemp and BRob are equally valued.

Sherrill for two infield prospects -- one of which is perhaps tops in the LA system -- is a very solid return.

We're going for realism, not a pipedream. No?

Problem is Roberts is a fan favorite here & in good standing with his team. Kemp may have the Dodgers souring on him. Some concerns here about that IMO.

If we made the Roberts deal then I would suggest Sherrill for Laroche & a AA Arm.

Problem is then you have to immediately move one of Scott or Payton with Kemp coming in. Also Huff or Millar would need to go in a deal or by DFA in Millar's case. In any case Melvin could be moved to second if Roberts is moved. Otherwise they could use him as a super util or SS through seasons end. If Kemp played LF ...Then Scott to 1B?

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