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O's cut Guthrie's salary=Bush-league


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No, no, no.

I would be a consumer if I ELECTED to pay for MASN.

I didn't choose to pay for it.

It was added to my monthly Comcast bill.

I'm forced to contribute to the team's bottom line...like it or not.

Therefore, I consider myself a stock-holder.

Or you could just NOT PAY FOR COMCAST!

I did not know that there was a gun being held to your head forcing you to pay for cable. You would have had the same increase if they had added any other channel to your basic service.

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Well it's a technicality, which someone used to pounce on in their never ending vendetta against the Orioles. While Guthrie might be getting paid less, the Orioles aren't really paying him any less. They just aren't paying his signing bonus anymore.

It figures though. He gets owned in this thread and then bails.

I think we can chalk this thread up as an......

<img src = "http://kevinrobinson.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/epic-fail2.jpg">

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Why is EVERYTHING about rape with you? I mean can you go a day or two without making some sort of reference to that?

Guthrie's bonus ran out, that is all that has happened here. His base salary actually went UP, this happens all the time in every sport.

It's like when Andy, from The Office, says "beer me," b/c "it gets a laugh like a quarter of the time."

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I understand what Drew is saying here, but I don't agree with him.

That's all I've got.

Ding ding ding!!! This thread was exactly what I needed on a Sunday night....I laughed, I cried...I got a migraine headache

Then again we should know that this thread was coming....

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You can't tear down my opinion that the O's are scamming this kid out of $120,000 when they didn't need to do it.

They're charlatans.


Two points. 1. The only reason Guts will be making less is that he was a bonus baby (how about that for an old term) and that money was reflected in his first contract. It would have been a grand gesture to leave him at last years number but it would cost them over the next year's arb numbers also.

2. It may be acceptable to call people names on your radio show (as you do often) but it is against the rules of OH.

I freely admit, I am a homer and give a team that has been run poorly for years the benefit of the doubt, but IMO your hatred of the organization leaves you unable to have an unbiased view.

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The main reason it isnt a good business decision to just give Guthrie the extra cash is because it sets a precedent. We don't want all guys that claim to have equal worth to Guthrie pointing at his deal saying they should get the same treatment.

If he wanted to pay attention to logic, don't you think he would have payed attention to all the OTHER logic in this thread? :laughlol:

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Drew doesn't understand economics.

Wait, i'm noticing a trend... you don't particularly care for Drew, do you? ;)

I kid, I kid.

I think a little street fight would be incredibly amusing between the two of you. I think you can take him, especially given the passion I've seen you exude several times at OPACY.

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You know you are right. With all the love and the great chemistry at spring training, they should all get more money! Why not?

You don't think Markakis would notice if the Orioles suddenly decided to pay "over time" for Guthrie? How about Wieters? Penn? Matusz? That rotation gets really expensive really quick if we pay them "what they are worth" in their first 3 years.

Precedent? Maybe not a good one?

The bottom line is this isn't about Guthrie. This is about you and the Orioles, and everybody knows it. I used to listen to your radio show.:o

Happy Ratings!

Great point and post.

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