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O's cut Guthrie's salary=Bush-league


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Similar situation.

My roommate is a teacher in Carroll County. As a first year teacher he got a signing bonus, literlaly, of about five grand.

In his second year that bonus went away. He LOST money in his check even though his salary, his base pay, went up.

What don't you get Drew - that is exactly what has happened here. The signing bonus he got expired, that is what happens when bonuses expire.

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The irony of what? Everyone running to the team's aid after they just did the Ned Beatty/Deliverance treatment to Jeremy Guthrie?

I'm not sure where the irony is on that one.

Why is EVERYTHING about rape with you? I mean can you go a day or two without making some sort of reference to that?

Guthrie's bonus ran out, that is all that has happened here. His base salary actually went UP, this happens all the time in every sport.

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It is a pay cut, but he's not making a lower base salary (at least I don't think he will, I don't know exactly how much of his bonus was paid to him last year).

Its a subtle difference, but it is a difference.

Well it's a technicality, which someone used to pounce on in their never ending vendetta against the Orioles. While Guthrie might be getting paid less, the Orioles aren't really paying him any less. They just aren't paying his signing bonus anymore.

It figures though. He gets owned in this thread and then bails.

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I don't necessarily agree with Drew's sentiments that it was a bush league move, but it is a move by the O's FO that will get the attention of its players...and not in a positive way.

Sure Guts signed the deal and knew what he was getting, but the perception is the O's have "cut" his pay. Why not just keep it at $770M and who cares about $120M. Sometimes you just have to bite the $120,000 bullet in order to save face. You guys know what I mean?

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