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O's cut Guthrie's salary=Bush-league


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This thread is a joke.

The OP obviously has absolutely no idea what running a baseball team is like and is complaining just to complain.

Nah, he knows enough to know what people are saying to him.

What he's trying to do is be enough of a jerk that it gets locked. He'll say anything to do that. Why? Because then he can go on the radio and rant about how so-called "opinion" that is critical of the O's is not tolerated on the OH. It's just a scam. The best thing to do is just let him rant himself out and just ignore him. Being completely ignored is the one thing that he won't know how to cope with.

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Alright, this has been fun, but I gotta hit the sack.

Got four hours of "Go O's" talk to do tomorrow morning.

Plus, Jeremy Guthrie just called.

He wants to know if I can lend him $120,000.

Have a good night guys.

It was fun.

P.S. For the record, I think the O's were right to cut Guthrie's salary.

I'm kidding about that...

It was bush-league.

Just my opinion, of course.

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You're right about that.

Or, the team could actually do what they're supposed to do with the money they bilk out of all of us.

They could WIN and PUT PEOPLE IN THE SEATS again.

Yes we all know, that the Orioles are the first team in US sports history to have bad luck, bad management, mismanagement, stupidity. It's a reason most people would jump off the bandwagon. Unless your a true fan and you stick with your team through everything.

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No, the bottom line is YOU don't think it was a bush league move.

I think it WAS bush-league.

That's it, really.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Just two opinions.

Don't you think if your opinion had any validity that at least a few people would agree with you?

We're usually a pretty split board, not many things do all of us tend to agree with. In this case, absolutely nobody thinks that your opinion on this matter has any validity. Isn't that an indication that maybe you need to rethink your position?

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Why are you guys bothering?

You're pissing into the wind, here.

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So because Peter Schmuck made the same mistake as you, you're somehow vindicated?
It is a pay cut, but he's not making a lower base salary (at least I don't think he will, I don't know exactly how much of his bonus was paid to him last year).

Its a subtle difference, but it is a difference.

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I hope this thread just gets locked and not deleted, because the next time someone wonders why people complain about Drew so much, I want to be able to post this thread as the ultimate evidence.

Because it IS the ultimate evidence of someone who is beyond having an ax to grind, and who is all the way to the point of fingers-in-the-ears saying "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!" no matter what the point being made is as long as it isn't 100% Drew's-tucus-smooching.

At least I hope it's "smooching"...

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