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4/13 Rays @ Orioles


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Yep that's what I'm thinking too.

I might drop Reimold

My outfield right now is Markakis, Adam Lind, and Andrew Mcutchen. I'd probably have to drop either Nick Johnson, James Loney, Alcides Escobar, or Placido polanco to pick him up.. what to do... or wait- i can drop aj pierzinski too... just go with posada full time. Worth it?

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People laughed at me when I drafted Matusz in the 15th round.. I have a feeling I'll having the last laugh. Though I am worried about him getting shut down at the end of the year. I hope they skip some of his starts this year.

Oh man- I wanted him- but my buddy snagged him in like the 11th round! I told every friend who'd listen to get him in their other leagues if they could though. Already got one call thanking me for it too.

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    • Guess you never watched Roberto Alomar. 
    • Westburg is still positive overall as a defender per statcast OAA, and it's really hard to draw conclusions from 1/7 of a season of defensive stats.  He sure looks pretty good there though, and this isn't the first time this year that Frazier's unclutch defense has cost us games.  He is unquestionably the weakest link on defense.
    • In a bullpen that has both the utterly unreliable Shintaro Fujinami and the very reliable (for giving up runs) Jorge Lopez, those are the guys you want to see gone?  Maybe Baumann, but Perez has been excellent since late May and Webb has an ERA just north of 3 (with a FIP just south of it to match) since joining the club.  Could just be me, but I’d much rather see the pothole come for one of the guys that are genuinely bad.
    • Is Rodriguez to the pen in the playoffs out of the question? As of right now he’s thrown about 150 innings. If I remember correctly did t Tampa do something similar with David Price?
    • I’m not disagreeing with what appears to be one of the main contentions here, which is that Westburg’s combination of offense and defense (and future potential) warrants him playing almost every day at this point.  But one of Urias, Mateo, and Frazier also has to play every day. There’s only two of Henderson and Westburg, and the rules seem to insist that we play three non-1B infielders at a time.  The announcers were speculating yesterday that Urias might be nicked up in some way, perhaps leading to the string of really bad, really uncharacteristic defensive mistakes he’s made over the last week or so. If that’s the case, then your only options at present are to play banged up Urias (who has been a big problem defensively) or to choose between Mateo and Frazier.  I’m actually fine with Mateo playing more, but the way folks rail against him ever starting against a RHP (and frankly, often even against LHPs), it sorta seems like Hyde is damned no matter which way he goes. I just don’t think it’s realistic to say that Frazier should never play, given the realities of the roster right now.
    • This might be deceptive. How many relief pitchers has Tampa used this year? How many relief pitchers have the O's used? I don't have the information nor the desire to dig at 1 a.m. but just because they pitched more innings, doesn't mean they've been used more if they've used more pitchers than we have. Edit: We've used 26 relievers, including guys like Givens, Garrett, Bazardo, McCann, McKenna and Josh Lester.  Tampa has used 33 this season.
    • For sure.  But it doesn't appear the bullpen is overworked generally speaking.  
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