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4/13 Rays @ Orioles


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Honestly, I used to make my food/bathroom runs during the opposing teams' at-bats.

With the horrendous start by the offense and the dominance of Matusz (and really, the entire starting rotation so far this year), I've begun to switch my allegiances.

I was just thinking the same thing.
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Haha, I know. I made it home for Easter and mentioned how I was going to be able to make it to the Yard (a rarity with my life) this past Saturday and my Nephew said "why do you like them, they never win?" Kids!

I asked him why he likes the Redskins...:laughlol:

I sometimes wonder how'd I'd feel if I were still in Baltimore. My friends who still live there wonder how I am still such a die hard- they don't watch anymore. Living far away I think is one reason. It's a tie to home... but that said, I can't imagine life without the O's. I start working an hour earlier every game night so I can sit back and enjoy a 4pm start time. (I try anyway)

I rarely answer phone calls during the game either..

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