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Looking Ahead To Florida State


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They have a great shot at winning this game IMO.

FSU is probably a better team but they have been very up and down this year...MD gets the primetime home crowd in the biggest home game in while I would assume.

The Terps have a ton of athletes on that team.

The problem, as always, will be on the lines. FSU is dominant on both the offensive and defensive lines whereas it's MD's biggest weakness. They'll have to gameplan around that.

I expect FSU to keep the ball on the ground and rack up a lot of yards. If the defense can bend but not break and hold FSU to field goals instead of TDs then MD has a chance.

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Unfortunately for Terps fans outside of ACC territory, there will be no reverse mirror broadcast on ESPN2. :angryfire: Looks like the choices are:

1) Pay $25 for a 1-week subscription to the ESPN Gameplan package (if your carrier offers it)

2) Find a sports bar that has the package

3) Watch the internet stream on ESPN3 (which I absolutely refuse to do anymore)

4) Fly in to MD for the weekend and either get a ticket for the game or find a TV

I'll probably be going with option 2.

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Make number 4 happen and I've got beer for you to drink.

You have no idea how much I'd love to...had season tix from '01-'06. There isn't too much I miss about MD being out here, but tailgating @ Terps games is one of them. If your offer is a standing one, I'll definitely take you up on it one of these days though. :)

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Guys, the game is in two days. If you don't have something big going on already, and you haven't bought tickets yet, how do you call yourself a Maryland fan? Seriously, how do you do it?

Be there. Wear your red and wear your black. Be loud. Tailgate all afternoon. Get ready to watch MD try to stun everyone live in primetime and get one step closer to the ACC Championship. This is a good, fun team. And they're only getting better. BE THERE.

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