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vs. RED SOX 4/27


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Brian Roberts - 2B

Nick Markakis - RF

Derrek Lee - 1B

Vladimir Guerrero - DH

Luke Scott - LF

Adam Jones - CF

Mark Reynolds - 3B

Matt Wieters - C

Robert Andino - SS

Jeremy Guthrie -P (1-3, 3.12 ERA)

NOTE: Guthrie´s ERA is a tad lower than Britton´s was before last night´s game (Guthrie´s ERA is 3.12, and Zach´s was 3.16 before last night´s start). Zach was 3-1 before last night´s start, and Guthrie is 1-3 now. Let´s get Jeremy some runs, boys.


Jacoby Ellsbury - CF

Dustin Pedroia - 2B

Adrian Gonzalez - 1B

Kevin Youkilis -3B

David Ortiz - DH

J.D. Drew - RF

Jed Lowrie - SS

Carl Crawford - LF

Jason Varitek - C

Josh Beckett - P (2-1, 1.93 ERA)


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