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9th Round - Devin Jones - RHP - Mississippi State University

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The SDN Bulldog Blog chatted with Jones, a 49th-round selection out of Eupora High School three years ago by the Cleveland Indians, about what he’s hearing about his draft stock this season.

Jones has spoken to representatives of over 20 clubs and could be a highly valued prospect that could see a six-figure signing bonus despite a rocky collegiate career.

“I would think so and I’m not sure that’s not the best thing for him because he’s got super talent,” Mississippi State head coach John Cohen said. “I think that’s pretty obvious scouts love his fastball and slider combination.”

Jones told The SDN Bulldog Blog Monday he’s been told he could be taken anywhere from rounds 4-10 Tuesday.

“If I’m taken early (Tuesday) it will probably be Baltimore because I think I’ve spoken to everyone in their front office practically and they’ve told me they may take me really high,” Jones said.

Jones, who opened the 2011 season as the MSU Opening Day starter, is 2-5 with a 4.45 earned run average in his new role as one of the Bulldogs top middle relievers out of the bullpen.

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Another bullpen arm:

Hard-throwing junior righty from nearby Eupora, Miss., seasoned with 52 career innings pitched, fourth-most on the staff • Has registered 44 strikeouts in 32 career appearances, seven as a starter, with two wins, a save and an 8.65 earned run average • One of 14 current Bulldogs who have earned SEC Academic Honor Roll status during their career.

Above is a 2010 recap.

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Saw him pitch in person against the Florida Gators on Saturday. He seemed to have decent stuff but he could not spot the fastball to save his life that day.

Could have just been a bad day though?

Maybe, but there's also a reason why a guy with a good arm is available in the 9th round.

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"Jones will receive a signing bonus expected to be $97,500. He'll have incentives in his contract that will alter the value of his deal as he moves through Baltimore's minor league system. The Orioles also will pay for three years of school."

Based on this link from Baseball America this seems to be just about slot.

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    • I think he was cash poor and was hoping for a sale of the Orioles to cash in.   Instead his mother and brother are holding out on selling till Peter is dead.   I think Lou is trying to force their hands.  
    • For what it's worth, I don't think anything less than a package around Holliday will get it done.   Are we in a 'win now' mode?  If this is the only goal, I can see a trade with a Holliday package. Or a 'build a perennial contender' mode?  If this is the bigger goal (and it's been stated), then no way the O's trade with a Holliday package.  We will be stacking talent at the bottom of the conveyer belt for the foreseeable future.  Not trading away top tier talent before it gets to the MLB. Anything in a tier below is likely part of the discussion.  Hall and Mayo get dicey for me because I'm a sucker for controllable upside.  But Hall is a better fit trading pitching for pitching.  Brewers made out pretty well on the Hader trade, so maybe they'll consider a package around Hall.
    • I second what Pickles said! To take the pitching angle further, and to paraphrase JR on managing the total number of innings, I'll elaborate. Lyles, or his replacement needs to cover 175 innings. Kremer and Bradish are in the 120 inning range now so plus 50 gets them there (assuming health, etc.). That's 3 rotation spots. Grayson would be lucky under ME's arm protective inclinations (CoC can have fun with that one), to get 100 MLB innings in 2023. Similarly, Wells is at 100 and seems to have run out of gas.  Then we have Voth and Watkins around 75 (sorry for rounding I was an engineer and I do math in my head). Voth is a mystery to me but  Watkins is a multi-inning BP guy, his control needs to be perfect to work. While Wells has been effective starting, due to workload he may be better suited to relief. For 2023 (only), why not pair GR and T. Wells with Akin and Voth; starter gets 3-4 innings, tandem gets 2-3 innings. Roles can reverse every other start to manage innings. All 4 end up in the 75-100 inning range. Means coming back mid-year lets you trade someone not named GR. The remaining 6 roster positions are Bautista, Perez, Tate, Baker, potentially Watkins, plus another arm. I can hope for a Lopez DFA/non-tender or for ME to find a Pop-like arm. Nearly everyone wants a TOR, I refuse to believe JA will sign that check until he does, but I do't want to go there or discuss how much $$ SHOULD be available. Why doesn't (or can't) a tandem approach work for 2023 with the arms we have now???
    • He has nothing to explain at all because he has already given a clear explanation of the trades. Whether you agree with his thinking or not, he has fully explained himself. 
    • If the Orioles go on to be contenders next year and beyond, all of this will be forgotten and forgiven. If not, Elias has something to explain.
    • I think Stanley plays.   The Bills secondary is pretty banged up.  We can put points on the board if we can stop Miller.  Lamar clowned on Miller last year against the Broncos with Villanueva on him, and I trust even Fa'alele a lot more than Villanueva.  We will probably need Ricard in on passing sets to double-team Miller.  But Andrews, Bateman, and Duvernay all look like they can get open if Lamar has a couple seconds to throw the ball.   It's going to be a shootout even with the rain.  It's probably a coin flip but I'm going to say 34-31 Ravens.
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