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Where to buy a jersey online?


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I swear that I've seen this asked before, but I can't find it via a search.

I was at the game last night, and the guy next to me was wearing an orange Brooks jersey. I can't resist. Does anyone one know where I can find a replica (read "cheap") Mitchell and Ness O's jersey (preferably Brooks or Palmer)? I dig the orange throwback jerseys without the buttons (similar to the Brooks giveaway jersey they had a while back). I've see them on a couple of websites with them coming from China. I'm sceptical but like the idea of not paying $100. Anyone have any ideas?


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First off, asking for a "replica" Mitchell and Ness is like asking for a "replica" Rolex. You'll get something cheap, and possibly something worth buying, but it won't be that brand.

Second, eBay. You'll find the cheap stuff for cheap and the expensive stuff for...well, not cheap, but probably cheaper.



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