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14,486 Witness Diamondback Beat Cubs, 5-2


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A new Cactus League record (1947-Present) came to brand new Cubs Park in Mesa, Arizona to watch the Diamondbacks defeat the Cubs this afternoon, 5-2.

Cubs starter (and former Notre Dame All-American wide receiver) Jeff Samardzija threw 2 shutout innings to open the game for his team.

The game was broadcast live nationally on WGN-TV, Chicago.


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Hell of a huge crowd! I think we beat our own record last year. And that was just less than 10K. I don't think Ed Smith would even hold 14.5 K

If a team averaged 14,486 for 81 games out of a 162-game season, they would draw 1,149,066 for the year ...... and these games don't even count.

Of course, the tickets are considerably cheaper for spring training games than they are for regular season major league games.

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