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vs. YANKEES, 9/13


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    • Nothing can guarantee anything. But adding that kind of SP would give us the best chance possible (barring injury) this season and for the next few. Trading 2 of Holliday, Mayo, Basallo is not even on the table or a part of any realistic discussion/scenario. That kind of haul has not been landed for a pitcher and certainly not in this current era of MLB where prospects/cheap young players are more valuable than ever. Maybe Paul Skenes (currently) could land that kind of haul? Otherwise, the value proposition is not there to be considered. Skubal hasn’t even amassed a 10.0 career WAR and before this year didn’t even have a 5.0 WAR season. He simply not worth anything close to that, no matter what irrational fear or fandom suggests. 
    • Again there is nothing in terms of precedent in the last 10 years that suggests a pitcher of Skubal’s pedigree/career achievements with that amount of control left can bring back a Soto kind of haul. Look at Soto’s season average in terms of WAR and look at Skubal’s. The two are not similar in terms of value. Either Morosi is serving as a mouth piece for the Tigers in order to overstate Skubal’s value and drive up the price? Or he is serving his heart’s interest as a New Yorker and Yankee fan.
    • Doesn’t guarantee us a ring. That’s the risk. We could survive a package of Holliday, EBJ, McDermott, Norby, Stowers, and Willems.   Honestly, we could survive a lot but trading two of the big three would be just bidding against ourselves. 
    • This is the Athletic’s projection. The Yankees have played two additional games and lost them both, and the Orioles are currently one game up. The projection calls for the Yankees to win one game more than the Orioles, which means they have to make up three games just to get even, and then win an additional one to  meet the projection. Thats a high hill for the Yankees to climb, but if the Orioles do nothing meaningful, they will slide, and slide hard, but not out of the playoffs. But remember, it’s not just a question of what we do or don’t, but what the Yankees do or don’t. We shall see…  
    • The pitcher …the guys here are overvaluing prospects. Id honestly trade quite a lot if it got us a ring.
    • Yeah, also interested to hear some thoughts on the draft from people!
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