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Horizontal and Vertical Pitch Movement


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I went to a couple games at PNC Park last weekend.

After each pitch, the scoreboard shows the speed of the pitch, and also shows the horizontal and vertical movement in inches. The vertical has a + or - sign, can't remember if the horizontal does too.

What exactly do those numbers mean and what info can be gleaned from them?

The vertical component can't just be measuring the change in elevation from where the pitcher releases it to where it ends up. Because there were plenty of pitches with + vertical movement and obviously if a 6'4" overhand pitcher standing on mound releases the ball, if it had + vertical movement it would literally be 3 feet over the hitter's head.

So what do those #s represent exactly? Some type of deviation from an "expected" path?

Inquiring minds want to know....

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    • Buster Olney article on ESPN today about the Mets and their possible trade chips. Doesn’t treat it as a certainty that they’ll sell, but definitely heading in that direction. https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/40231909/new-york-mets-2024-mlb-trade-deadline Pete Alonso is the big-ticket item. Luis Severino, Sean Manaea, and Jose Quintana (in that order of value at the moment) looking like mid-rotation or lower SP additions. JD Martínez likely available as a RH bench bat.  Starling Marte and Harrison Bader both feature in the highly paid 4th OF department.  Reed Garrett has been a major pop-up reliever for them, incredible numbers. He’s got a long period of team control. Jorge Lopez, Adam Ottavino, and Jake Diekman are veteran relievers who have been around forever and pitched for everyone.   For my money, Ottavino probably makes the most sense of those options for this team. Very good, very experienced righty reliever on a short-term deal. Likely wouldn’t cost much, but would likely be among our better bullpen options through the pennant race and the postseason.
    • I don’t disagree with the broader point, but over the last 11 days he’s had a .678 OPS and a .948 xOPS (.404 xwOBA).  He’s had some bad luck but is having good at bats. I’m not sure it’s fair to say that he’s trending in the wrong direction.
    • You’re a lawyer, they never agree. But that’s fine, I’m explaining myself, and I didn’t say anything preposterous( great word, though) and it was irresponsible to put him on the 26, when they knew what to expect, but hoped against hope he would be otherwise. Makes me think of the ship in “the ethics of belief”
    • I totally stand by my comment. Something can be irresponsible without resulting in the fall of the empire. Viera should never have been on the 26. Period. I checked MLB Trade rumors this morning to see if he’d been dumped yet, and was disappointed that he had not been. He threw 26 pitches yesterday, so he’s unavailable for more fun today, at least.  
    • I don’t see this as me vs. you.  I see it as your opinion vs. Mike Elias’, with the “irresponsible” label thrown in.  This move may not work (it certainly didn’t yesterday), but you’re never going to get me to agree that Elias made an irresponsible decision here.  
    • I don't really think the trade was really about Thyago at all, is the thing. 
    • Yeah I know, I was referring to this blurb in MLBTR: I was just saying that once there was a lawsuit at all, I'm sure MLB was looking to get him out of the game.
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