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Tides Record a Triple Play


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I'm borrowing the Orioles Talk section because triple plays don't occur very often.

I apologize to all in advance if this is inappropriate. :(

It was the Tides' first triple play since June of 1997.


Not including a throwing error by the 3rd baseman, Elih Villanueva allowed 2 base-runners in the first 7 innings ...... a walk, and a single.

At the time of the error, there were 2 outs in the 7th inning, and Villanueva was at 83 pitches. He promptly got the next batter to fly out on 4 pitches, essentially getting the 4th out of the inning.

He then ceded 2 more singles to start the 8th inning before manager Ron Johnson took him out of the game.

Richard Rodriguez then came into the game to record a triple play to end the inning !!!

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Brooks is the Orioles' (and I think MLB's) all time leader, hitting into four triple plays.

TPs must be decreasing in frequency. The 1800s Orioles hit into about as many TPs in ~20 years as the modern Orioles have in 60. In 1992 the O's hit into two triple plays in August, but they only hit into two in the 23 years since.

The Orioles also turned one in August of '92, but have only turned one since.

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