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L. J. Hoes Goes back to O's


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/orioles?src=hash">#orioles</a> wanted him back. Looks like they got him <a href="https://t.co/Au5uY601NF">https://t.co/Au5uY601NF</a></p>— Roch Kubatko (@masnRoch) <a href="

">November 25, 2015</a></blockquote>

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    • If you sit at the table now Boras will act like the 50 homer season has already been accomplished.
    • Lightning does not strike the same place. I refuse to believe that we would have another owner who is anywhere as close to as horrible as Angelos and his awful son were for 30 years. There's no way that would happen twice back-to-back.  There is literally nothing in Rubenstein's public behavior that says, "I need to milk this team for everything that it's worth. I need to pinch pennies and bargain basement shop while spending as little as I can. I can people terribly and berate the media for asking legit questions". (Like the son) OR "I think I am smarter than the smartest baseball people. I need to take weird political stances like alienating my own talent pool by refusing to participate in international signings, etc" (Like the father.) I know some may be skeptical of Rubenstein which may be fair because a lot has yet to be seen. But it literally could not get much worse (in all of North American professional sports) than the awfulness of the Angelos regime. And please everyone spare me with the "Well he wasn't as bad as Synder or Davis or whoever owns the A's". [John Fisher] So what! That's like bragging about being second to last. Who cares?? (Not accusing you of defending them @Can_of_corn)  That is a dreadful list of despicableness that we deserve better than as fans and as a community to be associated with. I would argue that the Orioles couldn't have been run any worse than they were under the Angelos tenure. This is one of the great reasons that the Red Sox and Yankees won what 8/9 championships between them combined while someone named Angelos was owner and while we made ZERO WS appearances in the same time (and weren't particularly close but save ONE SINGLE SEASON in 1997).
    • I think the O's are going to use Baumann's spot to shuttle optionable guys thru.  Since Baumann was lousy anyway, it will help to eat up hopefully low leverage innings.  Most of the guys should be better than Vieira.
    • Looking at the type of pitchers our bullpen has, we really need a good swing and miss strikout guy. Because most of the pitchers we do have are spin artist pitchers that get contact and have to rely heavily on the defense behind them. Webb and Kimbrel might be the only pitchers in the bullpen that come close to breaking that mold. We need another weapon in the bullpen and that's a good K pitcher who can command his stuff and has enough movement on his fast ball to prevent hitters from teeing off looking for it. I think that would do alot to balance out the bullpen.
    • Probably not, but I don't doubt the first billion dollar contract is coming in a few years probably with lots of deferrals.
    • I was advocating trading Hays in the offseason, and that never materialized.  I'm guessing no one really wanted to offer more than a bag of baseballs for him.  I don't think we can really be upset if we have to non-tender him.   I'm willing to give Mullins some more time.  I don't think he's as much of a lost cause as Hays is.  He's still making contact at least.  I don't really think Santander looks that lost at the plate, so I think he can make it back part of the way.   In general I think a lot of this stuff is going to work itself out by next offseason.  We're probably going to trade one of Mayo/Kjerstad/Stowers/Norby, maybe 2, at the deadline for bullpen help.  The remaining players will be needed to backfill Santander and Hays.  We still could use 1 more player as well.   This is entirely wishful thinking, but if we lose Santander and Hays, and trade 2 of the above prospects this deadline, we pencil in Holliday for 2B, we could sign someone like Soto in the offseason, extend Gunnar and Adley, and our payroll would still be outside the top-10.  That offense would be scary.   We could even sign someone like Burnes to something like 6/245 and I think the payroll would barely crack the top-10 in that case.    
    • As far as we know. He hasn't made any missteps so far but I think everyone was pretty pleased with Peter two months in. We'll have a better idea by opening day 2025.
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