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Buster Posey's Intersting Game

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    • O'Hearn started the year in AAA so they clearly didn't have a problem paying him that salary to sit in AAA. He got more playing time as opportunity and performance dictated.
    • Which is why I didn't like the O'Hearn deal. They never brought him in to play in Norfolk...or Odor...or Hicks, even when he showed that he had contributed about all he had to contribute, they still ran him out there until the end. This team generally doesn't pay a player to sit or play elsewhere.
    • I can see this working for young families, but I'll miss many more games due to other commitments on my Saturday afternoons. Of course, the Orioles will probably just sell off the TV broadcast rights to the Lifetime Plus channel just to try and make Orioles fans get another streaming service anyways all while not offering a truly streaming service for in area viewers forcing us to buy basic cable.
    • There's an Astro's connection too.  If Holt is a Sig-nerd, then is French the human intervention needed for the players?   ‘Information is only as good as what you can put into action’: A conversation with Braves bullpen coach Drew French - The Athletic Now, I guess the feedback loop can be a little bit tighter to the player, and we can adjust and target these things and strategize these things a little bit quicker than we have in the past. Interesting quote about Verlander, getting vet buy-in, and developing international pitchers. The reason I bring him up, he’s the guy who a lot of people point to as getting his career back on track after going from Detroit to Houston, when a lot of us thought he was just about done as an elite pitcher. Is he a guy you kind of point to and go, here’s what we can do to help a guy? Yeah. I think if you look at any of those big-name acquisitions, you want to get those guys, like JV and Gerrit Cole, in a room and you want to enlighten them. And you want to talk to them about their strengths and the way they’ve used their stuff in their career and the reasons why they might want to make an adjustment or a change. Because the guys at the top of their game, at the pinnacle, are going to be slightly resistant to some of that stuff unless you provide them kind of the what, why and how. Those guys (Verlander and Cole) are, I guess, two kind of benchmark guys. But you can see from probably 2015 on, just looking at the farm system and how much success that we had over there developing guys that we signed internationally. So from a pitching standpoint, the program was ever-evolving, but they gave us the tools to do our jobs really, really well, and really, really efficiently.
    • The Os are very unlikely to pay someone a 7 figure salary (over like a million bucks) and send them to AAA. Thats just reality.
    • Why is it crazy?  The first group was young with huge ceilings too.
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