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A debate that should be interesting???


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Okay. Point taken. However, since a few people here love to nitpick over essentially nothing, and act like attorney's disecting a brief, maybe I should have stated my take on Jones as follows:

I think Adam Jones is faster, stronger, bigger, taller, has a better swing, arm, and essentially does everything just a tad better than Markakis ever will, except draw walks and possibly hit for average. He also hit a homer last night that I personally feel was more beautiful in its majestic trajectory and distance than any I have personally witnessed Markakis ever hitting. However, just to clarify, I am not basing my belief that Jones is going to be better than Markakis and a superstar on that single round tripper, even though it was a thing of beauty!

How's that?:eektf:

If you wrote everything like that, you'd get a lot less complaining, I'll tell you that ;)

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I think that both will end up being great players. Jones will likely have the higher peak, but Markakis will have the more consistent year-to-year numbers for a longer time.

Jones has better raw power and speed, but Markakis is more patient and a better hitter for average.

Let's just say that it's fun just having a debate over these guys instead of, say, Bigbie and Matos :laughlol:

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