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MLB TV and MLB At Bat 2011 questions

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For those who subscribe, I am looking for some clarification:

If you purchase the full MLB.TV package is that a part of the MLB At Bat apps for phones, iPads, etc?

I have the MLB Extra Innings, because I'm out here in Colorado. However, I own a business that is open well after the first pitch for most of the games (5:05 p.m. locally and I am open until 7 or 7:30 p.m.). I figure if I can catch some of the game on my phone, work computer, iPad, it could be worth it.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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In order to watch all of the games on your iPhone or iPad, you need to purchase either of the two MLB.tv plans and the premium MLB At Bat app for about $10. This was how it worked last year, but they might change it.

Ah, so buying the Premium MLB.TV does not carry over to the At Bat app? Bummer.

Choices to make then..

Thanks for the info.


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I decided to go with MLB.tv premium for the 2011 season. I've had extra innings the past two seasons to watch the O's out here in Nebraska, but I really felt the quality of the extra innings video was less than desirable. MLB.tv looks to have more HD availability, plus I love having the ability to catch spring training games and being able to view games on my own schedule. The mobile options is just extra icing on the cake for me, but sounds like it would fit well for your situation.

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