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30th Anniversary of the Pine Tar Game


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It's the 30th anniversary of the pine tar game.

That was also the same season that the Orioles won the World Series. ) :)

Ironically, the Yankees were also involved in the original pine tar game in 1975, when Thurman Munson was called out after hitting an RBI-single. I actually saw that happen live on WPIX-TV 11 up here, and I still remember it.




Jim Mason lllllllllllllllllllll Strikeout

Sandy Alomar lllllllllllllll Single to RF

Sandy Alomar lllllllllllllll Steals 2B

Bobby Bonds llllllllllllllll  Strikeout Looking

Rich Coggins lllllllllllllllll Walk

Roy White llllllllllllllllllllllll Walk. Alomar to 3B; Coggins to 2B

Thurman Munson lllllllll Strikeout ) 


* )) Munson originally hit an RBI-single, but was called out because he had too much pine tar on his bat.





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    • Had an I'm happy for him, and a chuckle, reaction to Jon Singleton making it back to the big leagues just before Elias and Sig's team comes to town.    Evan Drellich's book had some of the story that around the time Singleton got one of the earliest extensions for someone on a prospect list, he was also battling some substance issues. The Brewers have long term been the NL Rays for me, but this year is unrolling for them more like they are the NL Twins.     Their record is short of what they probably hoped in part because of lots of injuries, but in the forgiving Central they are still at the top with the Pirates, and have a good lead on everyone. Their Bats went to sleep yesterday against a rookie making their MLB debut, but they had a good wraparound to Monday weekend in Cincinnati, winning 3 out of 4.     SP Matchups, Active Roster K-BB rank, 40 IP minimum, MLB-wide: (87) Gibson v. (62) Peralta (69) Kremer v. (67) Burnes (68) Bradish v. (71) Rea Burnes had the drama with his Arb hearing last offseason when the Club only had stellar performances to nitpick.    He hasn't pitched up to his best yet. BATS, Fangraphs wRC+ gives BAL a 105-87 edge entering the series.    Brice Turang is a prospect shortstop who has gotten some extra run with Willy Adames injury but MLB Arms are crushing him.     They've been going with Owen Miller in the 2nd spot between Yelich and Rowdy Tellez at the top of the order.     Luis Urias just back from 60-day IL with hamstring pull is 0-for-8 to open his MLB season....he helped Mexico's good WBC run.
    • They’re not promoting him so that he can sit on the bench in AAA.  
    • There are 8 weeks before the trade deadline.  Long time before teams need to decide whether they’re sellers.   Honestly, that’s why I don’t pay much attention to threads like these in early June.  The season is only 59 games in, and it’ll be 106 games in at the deadline.  A million things can change between now and then.  If I were king of the realm, trade deadline threads wouldn’t even exist until the all star break at the earliest.     
    • He is in his 5th season with St Louis, so I’m not sure he qualifies as a 10/5 guy yet or not.  I thought you had to complete 5 seasons? I know it’s 10 years and 5 consecutive years with your current org. Does a partial season count as the 5th year or do you need to complete it?  Not seeing anything concrete either way. Not that it matters since PG has a full NTC anyway.
    • So far for this year it’s looking like we should get a rental SP like Stroman or Giolito. That would allow us to pitch GR, and Hall, out of the bullpen in September. There’s a lot of season left, and still a good bit of time before the deadline. 
    • He doesn't have to play anywhere to be paid his contract, like Chris Davis. You have to think he still enjoys the game and can contribute (and show the Yankees they were wrong, but thanks for the $$$$$).
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