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Hunter Harvey - Joins the Ironbirds and slated to start tonight

Redskins Rick

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Fantastic. I'll be watching on milbtv.

Weams, I really think I went into the wrong career field.

I guess I should have gone into sports journalism, and get paid to attend games! :)

Sorry honey, I would love to watch the Desperate Housewives with you, but I have to work and watch the ballgame. :)

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In weams' household, I don't think he has this problem. :-)

In the Weams household, its more like...

Weams: "Honey, the game is about to begin. Come on in."

D: "Sorry Michael. I was just editing the video I shot from our month in Spring Training!"

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I have said since about April that this is the guy I hoped the Orioles would seclect in the draft although I thought for sure he would go earlier especially with his comments about not wanting to go to college and be an easy sign. I have seen him pitch 2 times in high school and was very impressed as he had very little help at all on that team. He did not get rattled in the one start I saw after what looked like a tight strike zone atleast for him not so much for the other pitcher to say the least. He also avoided some horrible defense in one inning where he walked a guy then they had an error and a butched run down to have the bases loaded. He then threw 9 out of 10 pitches for strikes and was sitting in teh dugout calm as could be.

He has a pretty compact delivery which is suprising for a younger guy out of high school though having a major league dad helps i am sure. He gets real good extension and throws downhill with his fastball. He has average to above average breaking stuff and his curve has good movement. When i watch him i see a lot of Chris Tilman in him with the way he throws and his demeanor.

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