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Girardi Rips Yankees: Some Overweight, Some Not Hungry Enough


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But Cal was still a serviceable defender, and they didn't bat him 2nd all year.

Yea, Cal batted 5th/6th/7th almost all year. And that was on a team with a heart of the order that included Jeff Conine, Larry Bigbie, David Segui and Jay Gibbons. Cal actually batted 7th in his last game, in this cringe-worthy lineup:










Hargrove had the stones to bat Ripken 7th, and Cal was fine with it. Sir Jeter and Girardi had to put up a facade and pretend he was still good.

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Charles Durham1 hour ago

WHO EVER SAID THAT the acorn doesn't fall far from the oak tree obviously never met the sons of the boss. what losers and with next years line up it isn't going to get any better except perhaps at shortstop/ with tex, the roidster and BELTRAN clogging up the middle of the line up , they will be eliminated earlier. all of a sudden after three straight sub 250 years tex is going to become a batting champ. unless daddys little boys sell, this team is dead in the water . yes by all means, give cashman and girardi ten year extentions...there performances were off the charts...

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    • Everyone excited about hot starts this spring.  Meanwhile, not a peep about Jorge who’s crushing the ball right now.   Looks like he’s in mid April form.   Jorge, if only this could last longer than a few weeks or a month or two.   When Jorge doesn’t commit too early he’s a dangerous (I didn’t say good) hitter.   He must drive the hitting coaches crazy.
    • Basallo stands a good chance to get some at bats too.
    • Roch: Kyle Stowers broke camp with the Orioles last spring. He’s trying to bust up every mock Opening Day roster that doesn’t include him. Stowers hit his second left-on-left home run today, this time against Bailey Falter, and it was an absolute missile - launched to right-center field at a sound that hurt eardrums. In his next at-bat, Stowers singled into center field against left-hander Ryan Borucki. It’s becoming a trend going back to live batting practice. Stowers held at 2-for-2 after his free pass in the sixth. The media again wanted to grill him about his success versus southpaws. "I'm surprised you don't wanna talk about the walk against the righty," he quipped. "I honestly haven't been seeing as many righties so far for whatever reason. As you guys know, I've been having a little more success against the lefties thus far, and so I was really happy to have that at-bat against the righty. Like I said, I feel confident against both lefties and righties, but it was nice to have a successful, positive result against the righty." Stowers has done a nice job staying on the ball against left-handers and erasing the advantage. "Left-on-left, I think most guys would tell you you're kind of forced to stay on it a little bit longer and it kind of cleans up a lot of lefties mechanically because of what you have to do to have success. ... Just not giving up on that front side." The outfield competition got a whole lot more interesting with Stowers' return to it after going 2-for-30 with the Orioles last year and injuring his right shoulder and fracturing his nose on a hit-by-pitch at Triple-A. He said his spring so far is "OK, I think it could be better." "I love what I'm doing in my work, I love what I'm doing off the field," he said. "I feel like I'm working really hard. Obviously, we all want the results to be better, but I'm really happy with the process I've been putting in and just have to stick to it."
    • I wonder if Lorenzen has some sort of injury that’s preventing him to sign?  Snell and Montgomery both want $30 million a year. Clevinger and Bauer have DV/SA issues. After looking into it, it looks like the only reason Clevinger pitched last year was because he signed his FA deal before the allegations came out.
    • What team in the AL East has 6-8 top starters ready to go? 
    • https://www.masnsports.com/blog/kjerstad-on-cowser
    • I could see 1000+ happening between Cowser, Holliday, Mayo, and Kjerstad. Cowser can essentially give days off to Mullins, Hays, Santa, and O’Hearn. He’s essentially what Holliday will be in once he is called up. He’ll be in a rotation. Cowser could really help this team with just defense at 3 spots and a .725 OPS. Both of which should be achievable. 
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