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Exciting Day of Game 162s on Tap‎


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On the 3-year anniversary of one of the most exciting last days of the regular season ever (complete with a memorable comeback against the Red Sox that arguably propelled our beloved O's to three straight winning seasons and counting), a very exciting day of Game 162s is on tap.

In the AL, the Tigers (who some on this board paint as invincible) look to avoid losing a series to the last-place Twins and finally lock up the AL central. If they lose, the Royals have a chanc‎e to force Game 163 with a win over the White Sox.

Elsewhere, the A's look to avoid a complete collapse by clinching the 2nd WC spot. The Rangers, who have been a bit like the 2011 O's this Sept, look to continue being a thorn in Oakland's side. With an A's loss, the Mariners (with King Felix on the mound) can force a Game 163 with a win over the Angels‎.

In the NL, the Pirates look to win an early game over the Reds. With a win, the pressure will be on the Cards to beat the D'backs to avoid a Game 163.

All this, plus what should be an entertaining bullpen/3B tryout day for the O's, makes for an exciting Sunday in baseball!

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