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Runs, Strikeouts, and Pace of Play - Perry


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With regard to runs, we need to compare the current numbers to those from last year at this same time. After all, run-scoring tends to dip a bit during cooler months, and that needs to be taken into account. So in April of this season, each team averaged 4.27 runs per game. In April of 2014, that figure clocked in at 4.21, so there's a definite uptick. Yes, it's early, but bear in mind that these are league-wide numbers, and in April of this year we're talking about a sample of more than 650 games.

So what about pace of play? Last season, we reached yet another nadir in terms of game time, as the average game lasted 3.13 hours, per Baseball Prospectus data. This season, that figure is down to 2.96 hours, and that's despite, it would seem, the increase in run-scoring (as I've noted before, though, more runs doesn't necessarily mean longer games). Something that's surely playing a role in those whittled-down game times is the reduced time between pitches. According to FanGraphs, pitchers thus far in 2015 are averaging 22 seconds between pitches this season, and that's compared to a 2014 figure of 23 seconds. Obviously, that's not a huge difference, but it adds up once you consider that the average game entails 300 pitches or so.

There are, of course, other factors. In addition to focusing on the time between pitches, MLB tweaked the replay system and cut down on the length of between-inning breaks. All of those factors are likely playing a role in what we've seen thus far in 2015.

When it comes to strikeouts, we'll also use month-over-month data. April 2015 yielded a K% (strikeouts as a percentage of plate appearances/batters faced) of 20.1. That compares to an April 2014 K% of 20.8. Again, not a stark difference, but it's progress. Maybe we're seeing plate umps respond, in preemptive fashion, to high-level concerns about the downward migration of the strike zone.

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    • So uncalled for. If you don't like the thread just keep it to yourself. 
    • Shame Seth Johnson isn’t going. Definitely thought they would want him building up some more innings.
    • Yes well let’s see if we can win a game , one game first.  Because we ain’t winning no division without winning more games.  And baseball  history will then sadly record  “the historic collapse of the Orioles in 2023” as we join many other ill fated teams over the years. 
    • Worst team defense I've seen all year. And I think every one of those misses led to a Cleveland run.
    • I included both in my write-up.  Nathan Ruiz and Rich Dubroff listed McGouth and Peek.  These rosters are fluid due to injuries, etc.  
    • It’s a shame no one is able to really take him to task on this and show why he is full of sh!t. But sure, go ahead and raise Ticket prices. Whatever.
    • I think everyone just needs to face facts that without Bautista this is a completely different team. It didn’t come through at first because the team was still able to win but since Boston broke their 6 game win streak on 9/10, the Os are 5-8 and have 2 3 (or more) game losing streaks, which doubled the amount of 3 game losing streaks they had all season. The bullpen roles have become an issue and everyone being shifted around because of that injury is becoming an issue. Combine that with starting pitching that isn’t that good after our top 2 guys and you have a really bad scenario. This team built themselves up early on because of how great the Cano-Bautista duo were. Eventually the offense started to catch up but Bautista, who imo is still the MVO, getting hurt changed the entire dynamic of this team. Cano is tough to trust in high leverage situations because he simply doesn’t miss enough bats and doesn’t get any Ks any more. I said at the end of August that I felt they would lose their first playoff series because of the pitching and Bautista’s injury.    The only thing that gives me some hope is that GRod isn’t really slowing down and I expected that to happen. But overall, I still feel they will be 1 and done. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think we have many, if any, legitimately trustworthy BP arms in the biggest situations in the playoffs and I don’t think we will get more than 6 innings out of any starter and even 6 full innings may be unlikely. We are going to need the pen to get 12-15, at least, per game and I don’t like their chances of doing that while holding a lead. The Bautista injury just changed everything. If he comes back, maybe that changes but obviously it depends when he comes back and how he looks. I still think they do enough to win the division and they will get the much needed days off to help set things up but these pitchers will still be what they are and what they are isn’t likely to be good enough.
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