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I'm certainly no fan of A-Rod, but...


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Had a lot of hopes for A-rod back when.....thought he was the one to bust Barroids 'record'....but A-rod ended up having the same problem

That being said, A-rod should NOT buy that ball back. Let the Baaastin twerp eat it. He's gonna hit a few more. The next one's more important anyhow.... let MLB buy it.....they're the one's that allowed the Roids Era.

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I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the Yankees feud with A-Rod. The Yanks made their bed. I'm even enjoying in a perverse way that Rodriguez is doing so well. The team just needs to lose more games for it to be a perfect situation.

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Daily News doesn't trust it.


Nevertheless, he can do us all a favor now by sparing us the vow that this is all being done on the clean. Not after demonstrating for — who knows how long? – his ability to beat the system in baseball; to pass drug test after drug test, all while he was filling up his body with Anthony Bosch’s concoctions of undetectable designer performance-enhancers. (Only the most cynical of A-Rod watchers would suggest, after his horrendous previous game Wednesday in the Bronx, that he needed an extra day to start his new cycle.)

For if there was one thing we all learned in the aftermath of the Biogenesis scandal — in which most of the 13 suspended players, including A-Rod, never actually failed a drug test, except when he tested positive during that “survey year” in 2003 when it didn’t count, it was that comprehensive PED program or not, baseball players were still doing drugs, and who knows how many are also still getting away with it?

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