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Chris Heston throws no-no

Redskins Rick

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I'm not a Giants fan, but I'm not a hater either. I only caught the ninth inning last night and watching it bugged me on so many levels:

1) That was the worst strike zone I've EVER seen. By worst I mean largest. But it was consistent.

2) The other pitcher must really not be any good- given that strike zone I could have thrown a no hitter.

3) I heard giants fans arguing whether it was better to have all those no hitters or the the world series rings. :bangwall: (That emoji works. But I wish we had the smiley face hanging himself- I'd use that one here).

4) As Rick said, WHO??

5) Why does this happen so much to the Giants???

6) Why can't the O's get this lucky? I'll still take Gausman over Dr. Zaius or Moses any day (oops, wrong Heston).

Can't wait for Gausman and Bundy. And Wright. Just a matter time- I hear them all knocking loudly today.


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