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Boston loses in Three straight


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The team could avoid paying a lot of those penalties — which could total more than $100 million — if it lost money one year and was below the NFL’s revenue average the following two years.

The team has not publicly disclosed its revenue, but Jacksonville is one of the smallest and least profitable National Football League markets, so the latter condition is likely already the case.

Proving that, however, would require the team — and likely other teams — to open their books, something the league has been loath to do.


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Size of the city not always important for football teams. I never understood why the NFL didn't look at Birmingham. One team to unite the most football crazy state in the country.


I remember the Birmingham Americans when I was a little kid in the summer of 1974.

The W.F.L. gave a team 7 points for a touchdown, and a one-point conversion from the 2 and-a-half yardline (no extra point kicks.)


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In 2005, the Chicago White Sox swept the Boston Red Sox in the first round of the playoffs, en route to their first World championship in 88 years.

In 2016, the Cleveland Indians swept the Boston Red Sox in the first round of the playoffs ......... they have not won a world championship in 68 years.

Will history repeat itself ???


And now the Indians ........ just like the 2005 White Sox ...... have won the ALCS in 5 games (4 games to 1.)

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And yet they both can support - very easily - 2 NFL teams. Odd, right?

And, even "untethered" (whatever the hell that means), the Baltimore market is 20 places higher than the Jacksonville market.

D.C. and Baltimore DMAs together extend into 5 States which is close to 10m people. Jax TV DMA is smaller by design as it has Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Tallahassee DMAs. Orlando and Jax together would be the 11 largest tv market in the US if it was actually counted that way because for sports Jaguars are the most watched NFL team in that market.

Untethered means if Baltimore Ravens games weren't shown in traditional Redskins market..

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You know, I'm looking at Boston for next season and I don't think they're going to be big spenders, for several reasons.

1) They have $148.8 mil sunk into just seven players (Kimbrel, Pedroia, Porcello, Price, Ramirez, Sandoval-lulz, and Young)

2) Arbitration costs are going to skyrocket, starting next year with Jackie Bradley, Xander Boegarts and Brock Holt.

3) They don't really need to sign more veterans to hog plate appearances from their insanely good young corp and prospects.

4) The SP market stinks. I mean really stinks.

Boston will probably not pick up any of their team options for Clay Buchholz (13.5), David Ortiz (10.0) and Ryan Hanigan (3.75) but it probably doesn't matter. They are a complete team right now and have to be favorites to repeat as AL East champs. What this would mean is a major market won't be bidding much in the off season. If New York also holds tight for one more year (unleashing the Kraken in 2018), I'm not sure who the big spenders are going to be this time.

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    • I think the timing for Kjerstad coming up is understandable.  Cowser has struggled for a pretty long time and doesn’t have the track record of hitting in the past at the major league level like Hays and Mullins.  However they aren’t going to litter the whole lineup with Kjersted, Mayo, and Norby at the same time because they are all below average defensive players.  At least not right now.  You don’t solve a diminished pitching staff hit with injuries by making the defense around them significantly worse.  
    • I don’t care if he can be average. He isn’t now.    The kid has made 10 errors in 45 starts on the dirt. 
    • I’m against him being up if he rides the pine. I’m assuming he plays.     
    • If Norby has a good glove you don’t think his prospect status would be higher? Why aren’t teams clamoring for the kid? You are real down on Hays and you are entitled to your opinion but the guy was a starter in the ASG last year.    Mayo is a bat first player with super upside.    It is June 24 and a long way to go. Who knows about injuries. Why weaken your depth?   The team leads in the AL in runs scored. You talk about the kids ignoring the struggles of Holliday earlier in the year. Santander may be gone next year. Urias could be. I don’t care about next year. Their time will come. 
    • So you’re against Kjerstad coming up too?   We know Kjerstad isn’t as good a LF as Cowser.   How could they  go for offense when we have scored the most runs in baseball.  Makes no sense. Mayo keeps playing 3B at Norfolk.  He’s played ZERO RF.   There’s more evidence of him playing 3B than there is RF or 1B.   As for Holliday, why do some people worry.  It’s like if Mayo plays great at 3B and Westburg plays great at 2B, what about my Jackson!
    • When did I assume he’ll hit right away.  I assume that he has a lot more upside offensively than Urias.  He might get to it he might not.  I know Urias won’t get to it because he doesn’t have it. Mayo is going to make more errors than Urias.  That’s almost certain.  He has a better arm and he might get to more balls and make more plays.  Neither of us knows.  What I do know is that Tony thinks he can be average and most outsiders seem to think he can play an adequate 3B.   An adequate 3B or average 3B would be a nice way of describing Urias at 3B the last 1 1/2 years despite his fielding percentage.
    • Just bumping this back up. 5.2 today and more importantly only 1 walk. He's probably going to stay in the rotation when Kremer gets back and Suarez to the BP. All of that could change obviously.
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