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ESPN: Harper vs. Machado


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6 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

And you could have made a very strong case for Harper.  He was coming off a massive season.

I wonder where an 8.3 rWAR drop ranks historically?

Without missing significant time, it has to be pretty high up there. I think the largest drop of the modern era by rWAR was Steve Carlton in 1972-1973. 12.2 to 2.2 I believe.

There have been worse drops but they were partially explained by missing significant time.

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38 minutes ago, Spy Fox said:

Can of Clickbait! 

Harper's biggest advantage is his patience at the plate. Manny's is his defense. Overall I think I'd take Manny but you aren't likely to go wrong with either. 

The clickbait was from ESPN, unless you mean the 6-1 part.

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