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Rosenthal says Roberts wants 4 years to stay


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If the Orioles intend to sign second baseman Brian Roberts long-term, they will need to offer him a four-year contract, major-league sources say.
Depending upon the economy, Roberts as a free agent likely would top the three-year, $30 million that the Dodgers recently awarded their own leadoff hitter, shortstop Rafael Furcal.
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I'd say give him the fourth year, something around 4/45 is reasonable. I know he likely won't be stealing as many bases in four years when he's 35, but the way he plays defensively and handles the bat in all situations is worth it. He will make a great #2 hitter if/when he slows down a bit and if we are able to find another leadoff guy. The way he fouls off pitches at will and works the count, along with his contact skills, he will be still playing the game at a valuable high level four years from now. His game is not solely based on his athleticism. He may be the smartest, most instinctive player we've had since Cal.

He is the leader of this team. He sets the tone for the night, every night. He's a true "professional baseball player."

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If this is true the positive news is the Brian would actually sign with the O's.

IMO there is very little risk in a 4 year agreement for Brian. He would be 32-35 during the contract with him turning 36 during the last year of the contract playoffs.

Do I think Brian will be stealing as many bases at 35 as he does at 30? No, but I think he will maintain a high OBP. I also think he will stay pretty close to his current level of defensive ability. Brian works hard to stay in shape.

Is 4/44 too much in this economy? Well it is probably overpaying a bit. However, if MacPhail truely has no good trade offers for him, the situation has turned in Brian's favor. I am not in favor of getting two draft choices for him.

In the next month this needs to get done, one way or another.

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Guest rochester

Oh boy, the 3/30 is "more than enough" or "too much" crowd must have went out last night. They will be comin' soon.

3 years, 4 years - I tend to believe that there will not be a big drop-off.

Trade for the right package - I'd still be looking. With the news that he is willing to stay in Baltimore maybe his value goes up a little, i.e., he will be off of the market plus would like to sign before FA.

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