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Happy Birthday Double X


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Came across on Baseball Reference today that Maryland's own Jimmie Foxx has a birthday today. Would have been 102 today. I had a look at his numbers, and I have to admit when I think of the great players in baseball history, Double X is one I tend to forget about. I and everyone else shouldn't:

3 MVP's

Triple Crown-1933

534 Home Runs

1922 RBI's-8th all-time

.428 career OBP-10th all-time

.609 career Slugging %-5th all-time

1.038 career OPS-6th all-time

Just to name a few. I've always believed Lou Gehrig to be the greatest 1st basement in baseball history, and I still would probably take him over Foxx. But believe me, it's not by much. These two, in my opinion, are the two best at 1st the game has ever seen.

Happy Birthday Double X.

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