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1st rd (4) - Dylan Bundy - RHP, Owasso HS

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With the 4th overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, the O’s have selected HS P Dylan Bundy.

I personally would have preferred Anthony Rendon, but Bundy is extremely highly regarded in his own right. Obviously the O's were scared off by the received medical reports on Rendon. Bundy is consided the most advanced HS arm in the draft, but you would figure he is still a minimum of 3 years away from touching the Orioles Major League roster. Due to that, there will always be questions if Bundy was the right selection over the available College arms.

The selection of Bundy has to be exciting for the Joe Jordan and the O's organization. They select a player whose family they are already very familiar with, and have already conducted negotiations with previously.

Below are links to some Scouting Reports on Bundy:

The Arizona Republic:


Baltimore Sun / Orioles Insider:


Baseball Beginnings:


Diamond Scape Scouting:


Orioles Nation:


Perfect Game:


Tulsa World:


Yahoo Sports:


Chris, I think I'm very lucky Hultzen went #2. I don't doubt now that the O's had Bundy ahead of Hultzen.

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No..which is probably a good thing.

EDIT: I guess he could get a start or 2 at the end of the year.

I can't think of a single reason we would not want him to get 30 or so innings this year. Why do you feel different?

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I can't think of a single reason we would not want him to get 30 or so innings this year. Why do you feel different?

Well, he is young and a HS arm, do they want to have him shut things down and then start things back up in August just to make a few appearances?

Its possible.

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Yeah, I think the O's threw the Bradley stuff out there, not that they weren't seriously considering him as he did go #7, hoping they would hear from the Bundy family that the number was lower than reported. It sounds like that may have been what happened. I know RVA said earlier today even when the Bradley stuff was being floated hard that Bundy was the guys the O's really wanted badly.

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