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Bobby Valentine heading to Boston.


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Some interesting comments that appeared today;

By Ben Nicholson-Smith [November 30 at 3:10pm CST]

Bobby Valentine will be the next Red Sox manager and baseball is buzzing about the consequences for the front office, Boston's players and the 61-year-old skipper himself. Here?s the latest reaction to the move:

?Peter Gammons of MLB.com says GM Ben Cherington and Valentine, two smart baseball people, have what it takes to work well together and turn the 2012 Red Sox into a team worth watching. "They are both so smart and so very different and need to win," Gammons writes.

?ESPN.com's Buster Olney believes Valentine and the Red Sox players have an opportunity to bury the past and succeed in spite of what has been said about them. Olney reports that some Red Sox players started grumbling to each other as Valentine emerged as a serious candidate for the position.

?Joel Sherman of the New York Post says the Red Sox have put in place a formula for greatness or disaster. Valentine is "a combustible manager as likely to throw the organization into further chaos as he is to bring championship glory," Sherman writes.

?Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe reports that the other finalist, Tigers third base coach Gene Lamont, reminded some in the Red Sox organization of Terry Francona. Valentine hadn't agreed to the specifics of a deal as of last night, but the sides are expected to reach one without difficulty, Abraham writes.

?Yahoo's Jeff Passan isn't sure how the balance of power will shift in Boston, but he knows Valentine, Cherington and CEO Larry Lucchino can't all have the final say on the team.

?Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports points out that Cherington has lots of on-field matters to attend to and hopes that Lucchino lets him conduct the rest of the offseason as he sees fit.

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Let's see the Baltimore media ask this kind of question about the Orioles

Dan Shaughnessy, of course, asked the toughest question of the day ... "Ben, what do you say to the notion that this was not your pick; your pick was elsewhere, that you were overruled by ownership?"

Cherington's answer was a model of diplomacy:

It's just not true. We went through a very thorough process ... at the end of the process, I made a recommendation to ownership. I believe it was sometime Monday that we offered the position to Bobby ... And he accepted it. And that's the truth. It was a collaborative process. Ownership was heavily involved in the discussion about all of the candidates. John, Tom and Larry met all the finalists ... Ultimately, I made a recommendation to ownership on Monday to offer the job to Bobby.

source - Rob Neyer
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    • Have you seen the lineups? They are a joke. Hyde has to go too.     😎 Insomnia in progress. 
    • I have to admit I am all for resigning Burnes too, I just can't remember the last time the O's signed a free agent the other top teams wanted.  I don't think even Chris Davis fits that category because the O's were bidding against themselves.  Albert Belle?  I guess I'll just try to be hopeful.  I can't see Rubenstein making himself the public face of the franchise and then turning around and basically saying this is going to be my cash cow.  I guess we'll soon find out.  I have to admit I am looking forward to this way more than the election.  lol
    • It seems to me they should probably change their approach or the season will end up a disaster.  It’s frankly unexplainable they haven’t demoted/traded/DFA’d the players that aren’t performing.  It’s a joke management thinks this group of players has any chance of winning anything.  Imagine if they could just walk more..
    • Sorry I’m not Gretzky fan , lol . And don’t know any of his quotes. But I would love to hear it , if you can share.    Speaking of bullpen, I agree that ours needs to be augmented and upgraded.  The trade deadline is coming soon so……..
    • I agree. He's a major factor in our odds to win a World Series. Gotta go for it while you can and keep him if we can. I generally don't like big contracts and view them as over pays. I criticized the Albert Belle signing, I hated the Ubaldo Jimenez signing, and I didn't feel comfortable with the Chris Davis extension. But to me those players did not have a solid consistent careers as a pure Ace player like Burnes does. Burnes is a player I feel confident that you know what you're getting, even if we can expect a decline by age 35. Up to that point, you're getting a perennial Cy Young competitor to anchor your entire Pitching Staff and give you a chance to win when you need it most just like he did tonight in the game 3 rubber match in a series against division rivals. This series against the Red Sox, Burnes was effectively the Stopper and got us back on track. I'm all for resigning Corbin Burnes! It's on my Christmas wish list!
    • I agree. He's been such a key part of the team competing this year. Especially since we don't have a good bullpen, Corbin Burnes has been HUGE for us. For us to keep the window to a World Series chance open, we have to at least try to retain his services. Ya never know if you don't try! What's that Wayne Gretsky quote about shots you don't take?
    • Welcome to the Orioles Hangout!
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