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Red Sox Drama - Perfect Timing


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Just read this article earlier today.

I laugh harder at the players than I do Bobby V. Clearly he doesn't have control of whats going on in the clubhouse, but as players you need to come together and do whats good for the team/organization.

The worst part is the higher ups 100% back Bobby V.

In short; LOLRedSux

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The support, according to the sources, baffles those against Valentine, who wonder why the meeting was called if it wasn't going to change anything. During the meeting, the players told Henry and Lucchino that part of the disconnect comes from Valentine spending excessive time in his office.

He'll retreat there again tonight, when Boston takes on Baltimore at Camden Yards, still wearing a Red Sox uniform, still running one of baseball's great teams, survivor of a mutiny.

Mistaandino Mr. Bob Andino

Mistaandino Mr. Bob Andino

Mistaandino Mr. Bob Andino

Mistaandino Mr. Bob Andino

Mistaandino Mistabobandino Mistabobandino won't you quit

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    • Well I said Coulombe was no good because he hasnt been good for like 5 or 6 years and guys like that don’t usually just all of a sudden turn out to be good. Even you can understand that, at least when you aren’t completely lying about what I say. And didn’t you say Mateo was good and an everyday player?  Oh yea you did and you did that despite all the evidence telling you that’s a pretty bad opinion. It’s clear you don’t seem to understand the issue I’m putting out there, so I’ll just sit back and watch you troll and misrepresent my comments, per your usual.    Luckily, I’m sure Elias won’t be stupid and offer Means a contract that he shouldn’t, so I feel good about it not happening.
    • I'm predicting the "clubhouse veteran" will be an OF to compensate if Kjerstad/Cowser aren't ready for regular reps.  Although, I'm concerned that Kjerstad has almost not played the field for the O's.  Someone needs to research if he's actually Jack Cust in disguise.
    • The idea that anyone is advocating for Means based on one start is a ridiculous strawman of your own making. Nor is anyone "ignoring" Ks. But saying 17 innings of good pitching with low ks isn't some warning sign. That you reduce all pitching analysis to k rate, even in miniscule sample sizes, is absurd. Btw, didn't you say Coloumbe was "no good" because of his low k rate last season in a miniscule sample? Why yes. Yes you did.
    • I wonder if Westburg is the main chip to upgrade the pitching staff this offseason.  Maybe Santander too as the OP noted.  If Westburg stays at 2B, where does Holliday play?  Westburg is probably a small upgrade over Urias at UIF, but is that small upgrade really worth it vs his trade value?  I say that as a Westburg fan. 
    • IIRC, there was a line in an article this summer that basically said Hyde gets suggested lineups everyday from the front office / analytics department.  So any “overuse” criticism has to be directed there too.
    • You had me until “serviceable anywhere in the infield or outfield”.   There’s a chance he sticks at 3B.  That’s a best case scenario where he’s serviceable there.  That would be a great fit with Mayo, Henderson (SS), and Holliday (2B).   I’m sure the Orioles are holding out hope for Mayo and that infield alignment.
    • I’ve taken the test myself, the ASVAB, and am college educated. My Wonderlic score was a 30. Oddly enough the highest score ever was a football player that scored a perfect 50.The average intelligence score is a 20 and anything over 26 is a good score. I could try to dig up his college GPA but it’s possible that he never did any of the work or even went to class like many athletes. Regardless of what you think of the Wonderlic it’s the only gauge we have.
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