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Bad-ass baseball players (another baseball card pic thread)


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To piggyback off the "geekiest players in baseball" thread, I thought this would be a great place to talk about some of the true bad-ass, or at least bad-ass looking players.


Each year I would love to get a George Hendricks card because to me, he was the ultimate bad-ass. In this particular year, Hendricks is such a bad-ass that he seems to be either pulling off a white visor or white helmet. Either way, only a bad-ass pulls this look off.


When I was a kid, I literally was scared of Nate Colbert because of this card. He literally looked like he was ready and willing to destroy anything that comes into his path. The funniest part is if you take a look at a lot of other cards, he looked like a jovial guy.


Gossage here looked like he just crawled off his Harley for a quick game before smoking a pack of Kools.

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Although this picture is small, I always remember Knicely have several pictures with those cool shades on. He was a guy that was surely set for stardom since Topps put him on two "futures" cards but unfortunately for him and Houston, his career high light was when he ripped up the Dodgers for a couple home runs late in the year.

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