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Tommy Hunter nickname poll


Nickname for Tommy Hunter  

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  1. 1. Nickname for Tommy Hunter

    • Tommy "Meatball" Hunter
    • Tommy "Souvenir" Hunter
    • Tommy "Whiplash" Hunter
    • Tommy "The Cookie Monster" Hunter
    • Tommy "Longball" Hunter
    • Tommy "Big Fly" Hunter
    • Tommy Airlines
    • Tommy Homer

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I like this one A LOT! Whiplash. That could make it. Mabye we should get some suggestions and do a poll?

Perhaps the O's sound system could play Whiplash by Metallica when Tommy comes in? Specifically, they should just play this part:

Bang your head against the stage

Like you never did before

Make it ring Make it bleed

Make it really sore

In a frenzied madness

with your leather and your spikes

Heads are bobbing all around

It's hot as Hell tonight

Adrenaline starts to flow

You're thrashing all around

Acting like a maniac


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    • This is a secondary or more accurately a thirdly or even a fourthly move.  Something he does all of the time.  It means next to nothing.  Elias loves to do this kind of thing.  And overall......it doesn't matter!   He may hit 1 out of 11 or even 2 out of 20 of these things....which is fine!  It is all reward and no risk.  So whatever.    At the very least it provides depth in the minor leagues.  Will it make or break the Os?  Hell no. If you can't tell the difference between me talking about Elias's fascination with other teams high velocity/high spin castoffs who can't stay on the major league club, and real actual major league moves?  Then you haven't been paying attention. I could give you 5 examples just in the past year.  Just another example of people like you COMPLETELY lying about a post I make.  And don't worry......you aren't alone.  Lots of people do it on here.  Again.....it doesn't matter.  This move.  Doesn't matter.   But if you want to call me a troll for you thinking I THINK that these types of moves somehow invalidate what Elias has done here overall for the past 5 years?   Then you be you.    But it isn't true. 
    • At what cost? You weren't getting Cease for DL Hall and Ortiz or it would have happened. Would you have been fine trading away Westburg or Cowser+ for him? At least he's having an up year from 2023. 2023 2024  
    • For me, it’s not about Moore’s tournament performance as much as his apparent ability to square the ball up and use the entire field. Legit power and hit tool. 
    • Right, which is why the Tigers kicked in 18M.
    • Norby was cleaner at 2B, but Moore has better athleticism. Moore would need a lot of work to stay on the dirt. I would think they want to move him quickly, whichever team takes him. 
    • 3. There was a lot of second guessing of the Verlander trade at the time.  Verlander was seen by many as a pitcher who's best days where behind him. 
    • Just a friendly FYI: If you click on the Tweet itself to open it, and then "copy" the web address of that Tweet, you can then "paste' the Tweet here and it'll imbed properly and the Tweet itself will appear within your post here (versus being a clickable link in your post).   The "copy link" feature of Twitter doesn't always work on message boards any more.      
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