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Tommy Hunter nickname poll


Nickname for Tommy Hunter  

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  1. 1. Nickname for Tommy Hunter

    • Tommy "Meatball" Hunter
    • Tommy "Souvenir" Hunter
    • Tommy "Whiplash" Hunter
    • Tommy "The Cookie Monster" Hunter
    • Tommy "Longball" Hunter
    • Tommy "Big Fly" Hunter
    • Tommy Airlines
    • Tommy Homer

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I like this one A LOT! Whiplash. That could make it. Mabye we should get some suggestions and do a poll?

Perhaps the O's sound system could play Whiplash by Metallica when Tommy comes in? Specifically, they should just play this part:

Bang your head against the stage

Like you never did before

Make it ring Make it bleed

Make it really sore

In a frenzied madness

with your leather and your spikes

Heads are bobbing all around

It's hot as Hell tonight

Adrenaline starts to flow

You're thrashing all around

Acting like a maniac


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