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Zander Hollander Died


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In the summer of 1977, my older brother Mark had a paper route, and he bought lots of baseball magazines and books that summer. One of those books that I must have read more than 50 times was "Zander Hollander's 1977 Complete Handbook of Baseball."

I still remember the cover, with reigning Rookie of the Year Mark "The Bird" Fidrych kneeling down on the pitcher's mound, patting down the dirt with his hand.

TONY-OH once told me that he used to get those handbooks in the mail every summer when he was a kid, and he lived for it.

Zander Hollander was 91 years-old.


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Sorry to hear that but at 91, he lived a long life. I loved those handbooks and can remember the excitement of getting them each spring. I loved reading the little bios of each player and of course all the stats in back for everyone who had played the year before. Heck, I still have them all. RIP Mr. Hollander, you were the man.

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