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Minors' Camp Saturday March 28.


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2015 Minors Spring Camp

Saturday, March 28, 2015

We had a few showers on Friday that cancelled the Orioles at Ed Smith Stadium and the Minor?s teams at Twin Lakes. On Saturday, the Frederick and Delmarva squads played Minnesota system A teams at Twin Lakes. Sunday is a ?Camp Day? with no announced schedule. Photos have now been posted on the March 20 and March 26 threads, thanks to WEAMS.

Releases: On Friday, C Zane Chavez, OF Jake Luce and RHP Matt Price were released. I expect more releases tomorrow as meal money checks will be handed out on Monday ;)

Frederick Lineup:

CF: Hart; Franco.

LF: Lorenzo; Vega.

C: Sisco; Wynns (T6).

SS: Kemp; Breen.

DH: Simpson.

RF: Bierfeldt; Gassaway.

2B: Caronia; Castagnini.

DH: Herbst.

Reserves: (LH) T. Murphy (RH) Segui, Mercedes.

Delmarva Lineup:

CF: Gonzalez; Olesczuk (T6).

2B: Ledesma; Sprowl.

DH: Uxa 1B (T7).

RF: Leyva; Lartiguez.

C: A. Murphy; Heim.

1B: Palmer DH (T7).

3B: Reyes; Pfeiffer.

LF: Moquete; Bernadina.

DH: Heim C (T7).

SS: Harwick; Salas.

Reserves: (LH) Juvier (RH) Veloz, Llewellyn, Coluccio (SH) Wilkerson, Hernandez.

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