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Projecting The Minor League Rotations


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With the regular season fast approaching, I thought it might be fun to try to guess what the minor league rotations might look like to begin the year. Here's what I'm thinking...


Tyler Wilson

Mike Wright

Tim Berry

Zach Davies

Eddie Gamboa


Dylan Bundy

Branden Kline

Parker Bridwell

Terry Doyle

Hector Daniel Rodriguez


Hunter Harvey

David Hess

Mitch Horacek

Sebastian Vader

Matt Taylor


Brian Gonzalez

Janser Severino

John Means

Bennett Parry

Tanner Chleborad

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AA rotation may have both Bundy's in it.

Nope. I posted in another thread. Does anyone have any information on Bobby? He is slotted for the bullpen if healthy....has he pitched in minor league camp? Is there any hope?

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