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vs. BLUE JAYS, 5/11


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    • Tanner Scott is on his final year with the Marlins and Hunter Harvey has one more year with the Nats, those are the likely biggest available names. Kopech from CWS is also a potential RP option. Problem is there are very few actually worthwhile players on the teams that will sell - I don’t expect the Giants, Astros, Cardinals or Angels to sell even if they should. The Nats have some good young players that won’t be available, and not much else. And the Rockies are baffling adverse to trading any of their players, if they even end up with someone worth trading for.  Mason Miller and Jesus Luzardo have plenty of team control left (pretty much all of it for Miller, and 2 years after this one for Luzardo), they will get talked about a lot but are not super likely to move. Luzardo also has pitched quite poorly thus far. 
    • Because you and I text often, and did during the game yesterday...you know how annoying and negative I can be. I'm a whiner and complainer when it comes to this team. But when we win, and I see some kind of performance like Henderson gave...I want to write a sonnet or symphony in my mind...paint some sort of masterpiece. I have to put my joy SOMEWHERE. Yes, I probably am over the top in my love for this team. WEAMS came and stayed at my home a few years ago and was mesmerised by my Oriole  collection of memorabilia that goes back more than 50 years when I was a batboy. Brooks Robinson and Palmer stayed for a weekend once. I was told to take all my Oriole stuff down, lest Brooks think I'm a kook. Brooks David, his son, told me to "keep all the stuff up...my dad LOVES this stuff. And Brooks Sr did INDEED "love the stuff". So, yes, even in a long up and down season...I cant curb my addiction. I sulk when we lose or are losing...and I'm giddy as a 5 year old when we win dramatically. Maybe I should seek a therapist. But I don't want to. I dont want to or need to be "fixed"....To quote the line from earlier in this comment...."I love this stuff". Its a romance that breaks my heart sometimes, but when it's right and I'm happy...nothing else in sports for me, comes close.
    • I have a feeling they take a corner in the first round
    • We've been also doing this while carrying Holliday's bat.  Other than that, we have a Braves level offense.  
    • You can’t see injury or decline until it happens. And he will decline in his 30s.  Whether or not he has injury issues is to be seen.
    • I hope this thread doesn't start a jinx!!!!!!! 😀 Waving my anti-jinx wand!!!!  Baseball is a game of averages. Don't assume anything long term - as sure as it may seem. Just cross fingers and enjoy the now. 
    • I agree on the Nats, which is why they are at the bottom of the list. They do  Hunter Harvey coming into final arbitration year, which is appealing.
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