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MLB manager humor (true story!)

Boy Howdy

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Today's Philadelphia Inquirer started a story about baseball managers with this anecdote:

"...When Bobby Bragan replaced Birdie Tebbetts as manager of the Milwaukee Braves in 1963, he opened his desk drawer to find two envelopes, marked No. 1 and No. 2. Taped to them was this note from Tebbetts to his successor: "Open only in emergencies."

By Bragan's second season, the Braves had not only failed to improve, they were worse than ever. At wit's end, Bragan opened the first envelope, and found this message: "Blame it on me." The team continued to fall like a stone down a well. Desperate, Bragan opened envelope No. 2, to find this: "Prepare two envelopes..."

The rest of the article was nothing special, but that made my day. :D

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